Protected: BDSM VS ABUSE!

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Your Mark

You left your markAmong othersYet you can’t see theirsYour eyes can not see yoursYour mark is that deepYou can’t see a scarNothing lies on my bodyExcept the skinThickened by hateGlossed by abuseWhile it hides Your marksSo only I can seeA constant reminderOf what you hate Has done to me

Stupid girl your weak

Sitting and listening, the words spreading You come at me from every angle You are worthless, you are weak, you are not worth the air that you breath You shouldn’t still be breathing. Stupid girl just go and finish your life you are weak. Sitting and crying I have to agree. Those words hit me…

No two victims are the same

What is the year? 1845? You would think it the way some people seem to not realize that no victims are the same and are effected differently from their abusers. People assume that because they were fine or someone they know was ok that well everyone else who suffers should as well. Fact is no…

Its been a while

Some of you follow my other blog and will understand this blog post more then others.  Take a look at my account and click crying with mental pain I love writing blogs recently I have struggled I just don’t feel confident in what I write or that people will find it interesting.  Although to be…