See Clear

Some day The sun will rise My eyes will finally see clear The entangled branches Will break away from my soul The thorns within my heart Will fall to the floor I will realise the truth And run with broken legs Far away from you

Dark Nights Breeze

A darkness looms Sunlight no match Nothing can brighten it The heaviness pulling down The weight too much to carry Body slumps to the ground The sounds of bones breaking The silence of a soul fleeing Unmoving the body stays Waiting for the darkness to go away Forgotten body turning to a fossil The sound…

Abused mind

You show her the world You make her feel special You give her the flowers You give her the freedom You give her words of love You give her your time She is happy and independent She loves her life You hate that independence You hate that she can survive So you plan to take…

Mothers love

I can only imagine What life would be I can only imagine How different things would be Had to not changed And became what you did I can only imagine How great life could have being Had you not walked away from me My life is filled with glory Yet there is still a pain…

Your Mark

You left your markAmong othersYet you can’t see theirsYour eyes can not see yoursYour mark is that deepYou can’t see a scarNothing lies on my bodyExcept the skinThickened by hateGlossed by abuseWhile it hides Your marksSo only I can seeA constant reminderOf what you hate Has done to me

Utter Desolation

Utter desolation A lifetime of battles Blades cutting deep So deep I no longer feel pain Nothing left to feel I am the synonym of voidness You look at me You see blackness Nothing left You can see the truth That pain your inflicting I can’t feel I am fearless The new wolf Because I…

Life chase

Running as fast as feet will carry Running from this life The sun rises Life begins its chase Feet begin to run As fast as they can carry Running from this life Trying to escape Each day the same track on replay

Dissapointed Life

Emerald green eyes watching intensely Waiting within the shadows For the ned to near Before taking the risk Watching life slowly past by Wondering why Life was a dissapointment