Verbs for your erotic book

So good verbs are needed to make a erotic book stand out.  This are the words that make people want to connect with the characters and become them.

So rather then writing each word and a small example.  I am going to list a few words and do a small erotic scene which implements them.

Gaze                                         Whisper

Intoxicate                               Nibble

Worship                                  seek

Grab                                        Stroke

Cling                                         Plunge

Rock                                         Shatter


As I gaze into is eyes I have to laugh.

“You intoxicate me, without even touching me I feel myself losing my mind unable to think straight” I try to speak as he is slowly kissing my neck enjoying the sweet taste before I feel him nibble on my ear.  I try lift my shoulder up to push him off as it teases me.

His month continues to worship me, kissing every inch as I seek for a way to get what I want.  I slowly unbutton his trousers, pulling out his shaft.  I begin to stroke it teasingly in a way to tempt him to giving in.  It worked, I felt his had grab me, pulling me to him as he wrapped my legs around his body.

I close my eyes, and feel him plunge into me, I feel his hard shaft throbbing inside of mine as I cling to him.  “You know just how to tease me” He whispered in my ear before he slowly stroked down my back with his fingers teasing me.

I start to rock on his erection feeling it throb quicker and harder.  He is pounding quicker and faster as I scream and feel myself shatter as my orgasm takes over.


So that is a quick example of how to use them words.  Here is a bigger list of other verbs you could also use.


stun                                            gaze
desire                                        throb
seek                                           crave
yearn                                        burn
ache                                          bite
flare                                          need
overwhelm                              suck
flutter                                       stagger
want                                         kiss
steal                                          pulse
coax                                          stare
encourage                               intoxicate
taste                                          soothe
delve                                         lap
sate                                            worship
lick                                             nip
seep                                           explore
feast                                          flood
consume                                  brush
nibble                                       lave
scratch                                     feed
devour                                     swallow
savor                                        scrape
slip                                            fuse
ease                                          immerse
offer                                         open
spread                                      fill
force                                         dart
trust                                          capture
ravish                                       part
drown                                      assault
crash                                        imprison
invade                                     plunder
cradle                                      claim
restrain                                   sweep
pet                                            swirl
caress                                      pant
nuzzle                                     rub
snuggle                                   stroke
inhale                                     breathe
cup                                          reveal
trace                                        scoop
massage                                  tickle
cuddle                                     trail
abandon                                 graze
strip                                         gasp
sigh                                          sob
whimper                                 scream
moan                                       stimulate
choke                                       growl
beg                                           groan
murmur                                 cry
whisper                                  toy
torment                                  rouse/arouse
hiss                                          torture
provoke                                  course
swell                                        play
tease                                        escalate
rage                                         surge
thrill                                        inflame
spark                                       roar
enchant                                  strain
waken/awaken                     stir
electrify                                  fascinate
skim                                        galvanize
tempt                                      invite
melt                                         incite
relax                                        demand
skyrocket                                urge
transfix                                   roll
command                               succumb
exalt/exult                              relish
tingle                                       grip
hold                                         haul
grasp                                       stretch
redden                                    tug
grab                                         fling
dip                                            cover
pull                                           squeeze
tumble                                     surrender
cling                                         transport
pinch                                       flush
tilt                                            close/enclose
bury                                        dive
clutch                                      shudder  
rise                                          lift
drag                                        heave
twitch                                     tremble
press                                       slam
ram                                         brace
crush                                      tighten
impale                                    shatter
consummate                          thrust
fuck                                          buck
push                                         yank
shove                                       quiver
penetrate                                sink
pound                                      flex    
convulse                                  wrap
clench                                      pummel
plunge                                     shiver
arch                                         shake
thrash                                     jerk
writhe                                     drive
kneel                                       rock
circle/encircle                       enfold
clasp                                       twist
wind                                       come apart
move                                      fulfill
struggle                                 travel
curl                                        roam
coil/recoil                             fly apart
wiggle                                   work
squirm                                  wriggle
lunge                                     twine/entwine
rack                                       lower
slide                                      explode




The truth behind erotica

When people hear the word, erotic book, and erotica they instantly think porn or sex.  Some see it as sleazy and cheap, others call authors bad names, or judge them based on what they write.


I have myself had a few messages since talking about my book, when I first said I was publishing a erotic book I got support.  I also got messages about how wrong it is, disgusting, think of your children, do you have no shame, it is cheap and tacky, your only writing that cause your not creative enough to write a full story without sex.

Yes, I had all that and more!  I lost Facebook followers and friends but in the end it didn’t matter.  To me they had their eyes closed, they refuse to see the truth in life and the truth about our books!

So let’s look at it is tacky, why do people think that?  Just because we talk about sex, and been tied up in everyway possible during foreplay does not make us tacky!  Most erotic books are actually amazing!

Your only writing that because your not creative enough to write a full story without sex.

Okay this one is just like, WHAT? Sure because creating a sex scene is not been creative. How about writing 10 sex scenes in one book, so each one is different and, stands out for it’s own reason? Sure you can write about the vampire 10 times in a book eating someone but each time has to be different right?

I mean imagine reading a book where every time the vampire feed it read.  He jumped down, landed behind his victim hr grabbed him by the hair, pulling him back so he had access to his neck. He then bit down hard drinking every last ounce of blood.

Imagine that every time the vampire fed….Boring!

Same goes for erotic scenes! How about this one.

His hand slid down her side and across to her peaks, where he slowly and playfully pulled them,  his tongue devoured her core, making her scream and her juices run free into his mouth.

May sound good right? But would it be that good if each scene was the same?  Nope!

You see while we write these scenes, we actually have to imagine ourselves there, we have to put ourselves in the characters shoes and feel what they feel! If we didn’t it would sound more like his.

His hands ran down her side, over to her breasts where he pulled them. His tongue licked her pussy making her orgasm.

If you are not in the mindset to write erotica you won’t do amazing!  Fact is writing erotic scenes is hard, you can’t just throw anything down.  You have to set the mood before, you have to build up but you also have to finish it well!

So no writing anything erotic does not mean we don’t have imagination in fact we have some of the best imaginations ever!

It’s disgusting think about your children.  Sorry do you leave your aged 18+ books lying around where your kids can see?  Cause I sure as hell don’t.  Sure someone might buy it and leave it there and their child see my name.  Does that mean they know my kids?  No.

Now I could understand if I had books piled everywhere, with my filthy cover as one person described it.  But I don’t, I don’t write erotic scenes around my kids either.  My kids can only be hurt by it if someone else is irresponsible and let’s their child see it enough to know what it is and contact my kids!

Do I have no shame?  This one makes me laugh, to assume someone that writes these books has no shame?  Really because surely there is worse things we could do.  For one we are not stood there forcing you to read our stories.  We are not forcing you to buy them, it is a choice why should we feel shameful because you don’t like what we write?


So all in all, erotica is amazing, it is something that takes up a lot of our mind, we can’t just sit and write without thinking and planning.  We have to plan we can’t just write a story and throw in sex scenes anywhere it has to go well.

Erotica is amazing, it  helps people get into another world, see things from other angles and learn new things!  How many books have characters damaged and into BDSM making it look like anyone in BDSM is damaged?  A lot.  My book points out, that most people into BDSM are actually pretty sane and smart!

So while you may not agree with us writing erotica, or should I say, filth, dirty and nasty as you call it.  We do, and millions stand by us!  You might not agree with this, we might not agree with books about aliens.  Everyone’s preference is different but that preference is what makes reading so amazing and books from all genres sell.

Today my book finally published, while most have been good responses some have been nasty, but as I said I don’t hate them, I won’t shout at them I just see them as having their eyes closed and not seeing the truth.

Let’s talk about Jackson (Seductive Vibrations)

Everyone want’s to know more about Jackon! So here is a bit about Jackson you won’t find out in the books. Yes, some of it is in there, but in very brief details, when talking about the past. Why him, why his past, why not Liam?
Let’s be honest, when you read the book, your first thoughts will be. Alena and Liam are so suited for each other! True as it may be Jackson is the one to bring her out her shell and make her experience life how she should do.
Jackson has a past, his past comes back in Seductive Vibrations book one. It comes back with vengeance and tries to ruin him.
Jackson, is in the Navy, when he meets Alena at her birthday party. He is having time away from the Navy as his contract has ended. The last thing he expected, was to meet someone like Alena. Someone who has him wanting her at any cost, even if it meant losing his brother.
Jackson’s past is messy. His business Seductive Vibrations he has had for years, he met his ex Caroline after he had opened Seductive Vibrations. However, their relationship struggled through a rocky stage. Which lead to the death of Jackson’s sister and Caroline never to be seen again.
Alena resembles Caroline only in her looks though, which is why Jackson is so drawn to her.
Every sexual encounter they have, Alena always want’s more she always feels there is something missing!
Chained to the bed? Not enough, How about throwing a 3rd person into the mix? Still not enough!
She is greedy when it comes to sex and Jackson loves that about her, he loves that she is willing to try anything so that her sex life feels complete.
So that is why Jackson and not Liam, yes, Liam and Alena might sound like a perfect match, but Alena’s need for more in the bedroom and in life means Liam can’t be her perfect partner. She see’s Liam as a brother, not a lover, but with Jackson the magnet is there forcing them together.
You would think after trying out so many new idea’s in her sex life she would be satisfied but no! She still want’s more, and there is a lot more to come in book two.

So here is a sneak preview at one of their scenes in the book.
“You can either strip or you can stand there fully clothed, but believe me, it’ll feel much better without clothes on.” He said as I started removing my clothing. Him being so dominative made me want to obey him. I stood there fully naked, wondering what would happen next.
He led me over to the chair and my heart began to race. I looked at him with fear and excitement in my eyes.
He kissed me, pulling me into him and I found my hands wandering all over his body.
He pushed me down on the chair, his lips kissing my neck and slowly moving down to my breasts. His lips followed down until they settled in between my legs. His tongue gently licked me, savouring my taste.
His hands put the restraints around my wrists, tightening them so I couldn’t get out. His lips moved from in between my legs and slowly started kissing down my thigh until he got to my ankles and then he spread my legs.
He strapped my ankles to the chair. It wasn’t a normal chair, there wasn’t a seat. I was balanced on my legs at the top so there was nothing below me but open space, giving him easy access.
He began walking around me, his fingers trailing over my body, sending bolts of lightning through me at his touch.
“At any time, if you’ve had enough, please make me aware.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back kissing my lips passionately.
He walked around the room, gathering things he needed. A whip, a paddle and nipple clamps, along with vibrators and other items that I didn’t know the names of.
“When I use something on you, I’ll tell you what it is.” He said, placing the items on the table next to me.
I looked at them, unable to see or make out what a lot of it was. I looked at him waiting, wondering what he was going to do first.
He bent down and kissed my neck, biting my ear and leaving a trail of kisses along my collarbone.
He reached one of my breasts and sucked it gently.
“Ready?” He asked, and I nodded in response

Overcoming the first hurdle of writing erotica

What a week!  So my book should have been published long ago!  But no chance.

Paid a editor and proofreader, thought great when it came back and rushed to add it to Amazon.  It was one big mistake!  Okay not one, but like thousands upon thousands of mistakes!


Why?  Well, let’s just say within 5 minutes of it been live, I got a negative review.  Yes that is right  within 5 minutes and not a single person had purchased it.


So, why did I get the bad review?  Well I would like to thank my editor/proofreader for that one!  The review basically read, It is impossible to read, errors all over the sample, doesn’t flow and the grammar is putting me off.

I panicked.  I took to Facebook I have a large following on there, Posting help someone check my book please.  Yes one by one each one replied, awful, spellings, grammar, makes no sense.

Looking at her edited version that I uploaded, it was worse then mine!  I quickly unpublished it.  I didn’t want anyone buying it in that condition!  I actually then went and deleted it completely as well!

I was ashamed and embarrassed to say the least, not only that but had I not been so frantic to watch the sales rise I wouldn’t have noticed.  That could have been my books downfall and punisher!

Imagine that, a book that would sell thousands diminishing into a thousand pieces due to a professional not doing a good job!

So I had a wonderful women on facebook help me, we worked and got it in an amazing condition!  I have given some free books out on facebook in PDF form and the reviews are rolling in good and fast.  So far no negative.


When asked how it compares to books like 50 shades and is it one of those books people are saying are just another 50 shades copy?


The feedback was amazing!

“Nothing like it, story line is phenomenal.  When is number 2 been released?”

“Story lines grab’s my attention but my word the sex scenes keep me reading!”

“Seductive Vibrations?  Where can I find one, please say there is places like this in our world?”

“A whole other level, I was not expecting that twist at all two is company 3 is fun”


So when and how can you buy it?  Right now it is currently in review on amazon!  So keep searching Seductive Vibrations and soon enough it will show!

For those who have asked, Seductive Vibrations is the name of Jackson’s business and it is quite a hot spot.

So this is why my blog posts have ceased all of a sudden, I have been working on fixing the errors made by the editor.

You can read more about Seductive Vibrations by clicking the image below.



You have OCD 7 years later it was wrong.

Pregnant with twins 7 1/2 years ago took a strain on my body, health and mental health.

I realised I was constantly unable to stop touching my hair to the point I would feel a slight lump where the hair was broken and snap the broke piece off.

Sounds crazy right?  I thought so as well, I figured it was a new bad habit I had but then I realised sometimes I did not even notice I was doing it until I kind of woke up from my trance with hairs all over me.

Split ends were my nightmare and delight!  I could spend hours finding slit ends and literally splitting them!


The doctor instantly said I had OCD that was brought on by pregnancy and should go after!  Yippee I thought not long to go now however after they were born things did not get better they got worse!

Years went by well seven years to be exact of me believing I had OCD.  When one night I noticed my daughter literally pulling her hair out not one strand but several at a time over and over!

Panic took me and I thought I am sure I have heard of this before.  So off to the doctors we went where the doctor confirmed she has trichotillomania.

Her beautiful hair was a disaster!


Now I read, read and read articles after articles on how to help her and to be honest they were all pretty useless they all concluded it is near impossible for someone with trichotillomania to stop.

So I was shocked, there was techniques that might help but the chances where very, very, low.  So it looked like a high possibility that she would have to live with this for life.

Reading more and more about it I learnt trichotillomania comes in many forms, nail biting, nose picking, lip biting, cheek biting, skin picking hair pulling, hair picking, hair cutting! and split ends splitting.

I sat there looking reading the facts and realised I don’t have OCD.  I spoke to someone who is just like me and she confirmed they was wrongly diagnosed with OCD as well to then be told it was a form of trichotillomania.


Now looking at the different types of trichotillomania I know I am a big nail biter to the point it goes to far down and is painful as hell, I know I also often bite my lips so much they blend or do the same to inside my cheeks!

So what now?  Well firstly I am actually grateful that I have trichotillomania it mean’s my daughter won’t feel like she is the only one suffering from it.

Second I wasted just over 7 years believing I had OCD 7 years!  That is a lot of time I took drugs that clearly didn’t help for the reason I did not have OCD.

So don’t always assume doctors get it right sometimes they look at you, see your pregnant and instantly think it is OCD brought on by pregnancy.

Words that go perfectly in erotica books.

So something I get asked a lot what words can be used?  It depends on your book entirely.  If you describe the women as quiet, shy and a virgin it is highly unlikely she is going to use the word cock!

So let’s see what words you can use for the male’s parts.  What you don’t want is every time you refer to it say the same word every time.  A book that constantly calls his penis a cock will get boring.  You also do not want every time you say it to use a entirely new word you have not.

For instance his cock was exposed and I moved forward grabbing his shaft in a tight vice I suddenly lowered my head towards his Stalk and let my tongue trail down his penis.

To many words to quickly, Sure change it up but don’t aim to use every single word to describe one body part in one book.

So what can you describe or call the males penis?

  1. Scrotum – I slowly lowered my head towards his Scrotum.
  2. Balls – I grabbed his balls in a tight embrace.
  3. Shaft – I lowered myself slowly allow his shaft to enter me.
  4. Groin – I moved down towards his groan as I liked my lips in delight.
  5. Package – His package was there for all to see whether they chose to or not.
  6. Sack – I slowly licked around his sack before sucking it into my mouth gently.
  7. Rod – His rod stood up mighty and proud for me to inspect.
  8. Stalk – I walked to him and could see his stalk there ready and waiting for me.
  9. Dick – His dick was there ready teasing and taunting me.
  10. Cock – I slowly sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth savouring the taste.

Other words include these however fitting them into writing can become harder.

  1. Manhood
  2. His
  3. testicles
  4. phallus
  5. Lingam
  6. Organ
  7. Appendage
  8. Arousal
  9. His Length
  10. Staff
  11. Member
  12. Easy Rider
  13. Piston
  14. Wanger
  15. Hammer.


Now lets look at what a women’s can be called.

  1. Flower – I looked at her admiring her slower as the pollen dripped from inside I was the honeybee.
  2. Bud – I lowered myself so my mouth was inches away from her bud.
  3. Slit- My tongue slowly swiped up her slit collecting her juices.
  4. Her Core – I ran my fingers down her stomach until I reached her core where she was waiting for me.
  5. Mouth of her arousal – My tongue teased and tasted at her mouth of arousal as she moaned with pleasure.
  6. Clit – I slowly let my tongue play around her clit making her grab a fistful of hair and pushing me further in.
  7. Pussy – She moved onto me lowering her pussy onto my shaft as she looked at me with innocent eyes.
  8. Pink pearl – I was blessed to have her I realised as I relished in her pink pearl.
  9. Folds – She was amazing her fingers slid between her folds showing my her passage.
  10. Pool of moisture – I moved down until I was met by her pool of moisture.

Some other words are also

  1. Labia
  2. Box
  3. Crevice
  4. Honey pot
  5. inner lips
  6. The heart of her femininity
  7. Her Sex
  8. Her essence
  9. Her Centre
  10. Crease
  11. Orifice
  12. Mons
  13. Canal
  14. C*nt not often used
  15. Vulva
  16. Clitoris
  17. Mound
  18. Womb
  19. Yoni
  20. Junction of her thighs
  21. Her entrance
  22. Sheath
  23. Groin
  24. Love button
  25. Bean

Now this list is not final I am sure you can instantly think of one I have missed so please comment and I will add them.


The important thing to remember is the word used should be relevant to your story and that exact scene!  If they are doing it hard-core saying something like her soft flower was so delicate won’t sound right where as saying her core was flowing with flavour begging to be touched would fit better.

Seductive Vibrations.


Alena is introduced to Jackson by Liam her flatmate. As she gazes into his eyes she can feel the fire building in her stomach. Never has she felt this before, her lips slowly part as she melts at the thought of his lips pressing against hers. Shaking herself she rids the picture from her mind, thinking, he won’t want me, I’m just a university student. He has a career in the Navy our lives are worlds apart.

She is shocked when she learns that in fact he does want her. For some reason he is so attracted to her he just can’t say no, even if it means losing his brother.
When Jackson reveals his business Seductive Vibrations, every sense of her being is screaming at her to run, but something is drawing her in even closer.

Love is present no matter how much Alena tries to veil from it. So much so that he plagues her dreams. She is intoxicated by him, and she loves it. He shows her a world she never knew about, a world that shows her there is so much more to pleasure than a comfy bed and a man.

Coming Soon



How I Became To Write Erotic Novels



I have always written for as long as I can remember.  Writing was my form of release to express my feelings and life around me.


In school I had won a competition for my poem and it was also featured in a book I loved writing growing up and sadly lost touch of it as I got older.

Children, family, home commitments and other things got in the way.  Years ago I began Seductive Vibrations, I knew the story line and which parts would go into which books I wanted it to be amazing not just sex but not just action.

After years of not writing things turned and I have again found writing as my release for my feelings.

So I thought I would help others by answering some of the common questions I get asked daily about writing erotic novels and fiction.

So question one: How do I find time?

How do we find time to do anything for ourselves when we have family?  We make cut backs on other stuff we enjoy doing so we have time to write.  No I don’t stop everything I love to write these stories but I do cut back the amount of time I spend on them.

Question two: How can you write sex scenes with kids running around?

I don’t that is the last thing you want to do as you need to feel it as you write it you will tell someone who just threw a few sexual sentences together and someone who actually sat there concentrating thinking about what they would do or what they would expect the character to do.

Question Three: How do you think of sex scenes and what happens.

It is called imagination that mixed with things you have experienced yourself!  Use what you know and write it out adding to it so it is not your sex story but the characters.

There is no harm in writing a scene based on a night you enjoyed yourself and editing it so it doesn’t sound exactly the same.

Question Four: Do you have to have a fantasy.

This depends on the person some people use their fantasy in their stories it is a way of acting it out but as a character others don’t have them so don’t use it.

Question Five: How much sex is to much?

None, you can not have a erotic novel with to much sex, it isn’t possible however there is a very fine line between erotic novel and a porn book..

Question Six how many sex scenes?

Again this is your choice and varies from story to story.

Do you want there to be one or two big scenes and small ones you don’t build up as much?  Would you rather have a good detailed scene in each chapter?  Some erotic novels have minimal while others have a lot.

Question Seven: Is there such thing as to much info?

No you can never give the readers to much information but if you book features something like golden showers or Alabama hot pocket these scenes may turn users off your book.  So make sure somewhere in the description it states it is used.

There is a audience for these acts and similar but some would be put off a book reading about it.

Question Eight: Long or short?

That is your choice a story varies from author to author as does the amount of words and chapters they use.  If you plan on writing a erotic novel that is going to fill up thousands of pages and has a story line that keeps going separate them.

Question Nine: Do the characters matter?

Yes it is highly unlikely the hottest girl in school falls for the least attractive guy and he turns out to be into BDSM and all things kinky think realistically what would you readers like to imagine?  Would they like to imagine a girl with braces and big glasses?  Some would but would they all?  It comes down to who you want to attract to your book what your characters should be like.


Tomorrow I will be adding a post on how to write the perfect sex scene and some words you can use!  Ask your questions below and I will try to answer them.


No two victims are the same

bullying-959433_960_720What is the year? 1845? You would think it the way some people seem to not realize that no victims are the same and are effected differently from their abusers. People assume that because they were fine or someone they know was ok that well everyone else who suffers should as well.

Fact is no two victims are the same 2 victims can be put through the exact same abuse for the same time frame by the same person in their life and the outcome and effect will be different. So why do you hear it all the time?
So here is a story for you, a story about my son and how he was bullied and reactions from others around us.
He was told things like to man up and take it, He was a wuss for crying when a girl beat him! Now the fact is if he had tried to fight back against a girl he would then have been beaten more for hitting a girl! He was called spoiled because he couldn’t deal with it on his own.
Then I was told stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me! Do people not realize that words cause a scare no one can see? A scare that permanently damages a mind!
Then the comments came comparing him to others, My daughter was bullied on Instagram we just blocked the bullies and it never happened again. My son was bullied by kids on the street he fought them and never had an issue.
My sister even said her son was bullied for two years till he stood up to them and is totally fine. No sorry, he is not totally fine not in the mind if he is telling others to now bully my son!
People forget how many kids take their lives because they are not mentally prepared or mentally stable enough to take the abuse and bullying. A 9-year-old took her own life! The news is filled with stories of kids who struggled to cope with bullying and could not see anything way out! Some were in the position where the parents did not care and told him to stand up against them and they will be fine.
Not every child is able to stand up against bullies! And even if they can find the strength to if they are not strong enough they will be beaten laughed at and still continue to be bullied!
So here is my point just because your son or daughter was ok and had no issues with been bullied does not mean you should make out like every child should be! How would you feel if you told a parent oh they will be fine my son was bullied for a year and is fine now it has stopped. To then three weeks later realize they took your advice and that child took their life?

No two child are the same no two children will react the same to been bullied think about it before you go telling parents to let their kids get on with it, or saying they are a wuss for crying over it!

Now I will give a bit of background info so you understand. When in year 4 my son was bullied so much he started to starve himself at school and then slowly at home. On one occasion the bullies threw his bag into a tree and laughed. Seems like child play right? Not when it happened most days and teachers were fed up with it they just didn’t care and stopped trying to get his bag out for him!
He would have his coat taken and hidden on a daily basis, his shoes hidden, packed lunch. He was spiralling into depression and acting out a lot at home. The end was me pulling him out of school to home educate him. He was having packed lunches and not eating I went to several times and the conclusion was to give him something else he would like for instance a Greggs sausage roll yes the school suggested an unhealthy food! Just to get him eating day two of me buying him one on the way to school he came home with it still in his bag.

The school then put in place where my son would be escorted to dinner sat with and watched while he ate. Day one of that my son come home again with a full packed lunch. Asked why the teacher did not watch him and he was told he had to go to her at dinner time which meant walking through the school and past bullies.
So another trip in and they agreed they would collect him from class and go to the dinner hall with him day one all his food gone day two none eaten. Asked him why and his response the teacher left me with another student and which student? One of his bullies!

So he was home-schooled in year 6 he was finally offered a place at a school which said they would watch him and make sure he was ok and guess what they did! For that whole year yes he got bullied but it was resolved the same day not weeks later like the old school. Six weeks before he left year 6 we moved and he went to a new school.

Then he went to the high school skip 3 months after him starting high school and we are here today him at home been home-schooled a broken child that cries for just about any reason these days.

You see while it was going on for three months I did not find out until the third month I found out on Instagram! I was checking his phone and seeing comments like “Go crawl under a rock” “Bruv you got dropped by a girl and cried go away” “Lol Kyle you got a dropped by a girl go crawl in your hole” ” You should just jump off a cliff no wait a stone is high enough for you”

Asking my son what they meant by he got dropped by a girl and what happened. He shrugged it off like it was nothing. I asked him about the other comments and he again shrugged it off like it was nothing. Sat there though, thinking about it I started to realize things from before, he was withdrawn and cried for any reason. If I told him to put something down it could take me up to 10 times to say it before he realized and did then would again start crying. He was coming home eating one or 2 chips or pieces of chicken claiming he was full.
So I put him on a packed lunch because before that he was spending average £4 to £6 a day! Packed lunches came home empty some days but he still claimed he was not hungry at tea time. How could one sandwich fill him up to the point he did not feel hungry for the rest of the day? So I finally got him to accept it and he took the evidence to school. He said he had told them about the girl who pushed him to the floor and repeatedly kicked him and nothing had been done. The cyber bullies he reported the first teacher explained there is always going to be a positive and negative outcome of social media! A negative outcome is people saying they do not like your video or disagreeing with a view you have, not saying a child should climb under a rock or jump off a cliff! That is cyber bullying, not negative attention! To then for him to be told by the same teacher it was him who caused it by joining Instagram!

Forget Instagram it has started before that! In school, his own cousin telling people he needed to be taught a lesson and laughing to my face when telling me my son had to go back to school cause one of his friends kicked him in the back of the legs and tried wiping him out! This child was meant to be in isolation for a day but refused to go so no punishment but still bullied my son!
So my son told the school on the Thursday about the kids from school on Instagram showing them what was said. The school did nothing till the following Thursday! They told my son the issue had been resolved so obviously my son believed and said he was happy with the outcome! That night the exact same thing happened again! He went to school and told the teachers for again nothing to be done.

Now into the Christmas holidays, I witnessed myself the nasty vile work of these bullies! Calling my son on facebook messenger threatening to beat him for apparently telling people he was going to beat up his sister. His sister been the girl who threw him to the floor and beat my son up! When she was confronted for a name of who told her this she could not say she panicked saying James, Jake, Jack or someone starting with a J?
Yeah, so no proof asked if she knew his year and no she did not know what year he was in. Asked if she could point him out to the school to teachers and no she said she can’t remember what he looks like?

They then proceeded to call my son names down the phone not knowing it was on speaker phone and I was listening when I heard enough I spoke up and the whole story changed they accused my son of just calling them names on the phone. Said they did nothing wrong when they realized I had been listening to the whole time they hung up and messaged saying they were going to get him at school.
So I withdrew him, It is disgusting to think bullying no longer stays in school. The head teachers response was just awful! Saying the teacher explained the risks of social media to Kyle. Not that she tried to resolve it so the first teacher he told shrugged it off, The other teacher took so long to apparently resolve that they assumed Kyle was happy because they told him the day before term ended that it was sorted. He told them on Friday it was not and their response they did not have time to investigate as it was the end of the term. Plus they did not know if it was in school out of school or on social media! So my son told them what happened did not make it clear that it was all three although he did.
The girl even though I mentioned it three times in the email how she was not punished or even spoken to regarding throwing him on the floor and kicking him was ignored the head teacher did not even comment on that.

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