How it all started

Like any Addiction it starts somewhere some you become addicted instantly others build up.

So let’s start from the beginning I had my son in 2006 and I wad diagnosed with depression and anxiety but like I always did I never went back to the doctors for the help I needed over the time it got worse but so much happening in my life I blocked the worse parts of with hobbies 

I used to go to bingo with my mum and sisters every month from 2008-2011 by 2011 I had my twin girls. I developed ocd while pregnant and it stuck with me even after I had them so then it cut down going to bingo to like once every 3 months.  2012 I had my other daughter and 2014 I had my final baby girl.

This is when it starts it started by me playing bingo online it wasn’t bad it wasn’t really addictive.  Then when I win I tried the slots this website I didn’t get pulled into easily it wad hard to win but also no games I really got sucked into.

Soon I joined a different site this and a few linked to it was what drew me in,  I won £1400 like seriously the buzz and excitement was unreal it was like nothing I ever felt before and that was the start.  I started depositing more and more trying to win when I couldn’t get a win I would deposit again to try win back what I lost.

Things got so out off control I could deposit £20 get up to £110 and lose it all once I actually got up top £570 yes a lot I know I played with it and it dropped to £200 I withdrew it but then as I was addicted I kept depositing on Edgar they call the sister sites trying to win but obviously lost it all.

You see where most people would withdraw it and spend on things they wanted addicts don’t because they crave more not do much more money but the feeling the excitement of winning.  In 2014 I spent £883 on online slots this does not include scratch cards abd the occasional time I went to bingo.

2015 it was £6468 big climb right that is like a trip to Disney land.  Again that does not include scratch cards and bingo!

2016 shocking was £9744 now in not telling you this for hate in not wanting people to say I was stupid or some people don’t even get that amount in a year.  In doing this to show people just how bad it can be.  I was one who always said it went happen to me I’m not stupid I’ll only spend what I can afford but like anything addictive it draws you in.

Im billiejo and I’m a gambling addict and I always said never me and it nearly ruined my life.