Elysa Aged 6 Fundraising For Sick Kids

This is Elysa she is my loving 6 year old daughter



She is amazing so loving and caring, She is a twin and they are soo different Mia is crazy, wild and very out there.  Elysa is more reserved but caring and very loving.


Last week she kept talking about sick kids in hospital and how they toys they play with are not just for them and they have to share.  She asked about Christmas in hospital I explained a lot of children in hospital do have Christmas their mums, dads, siblings etc go to see them and take presents.

She got to asking if they have Christmas eve boxes, I said I don’t think so I think that is something every mummy or daddy need to do themselves, A lot of children in hospital at Christmas do get some sort present that is donated but not Christmas Eve boxes.


So she had the idea to save up all her pocket money and send them Christmas eve boxes she was so excited to make them happy telling me the hospital does not have many toys and she wants to make the sick kids happy.

I explained her pocket money would not cover very much so she asked if she could do a sponsored no talking day.  I said it was a great idea but she would struggle in a house of 4 kids who are going to keep pushing her to talk I asked if there was anything else she could do.  She replied I won’t watch TV for a whole week I had issues with it obviously it is not something I am sure she can do but she was so determined and strong minded how could I say no?  She wanted to make the sick kids feel better so I agreed and she did a lovely live on my personal facebook and we set up a gofundme account.

She sat watching the views go up watching the shares and cried at her first donation! She does not have a great concept of money and thought £5 would get 5 boxes filled I explained no but it is a good start.

We sat talking about what should and should not go in.  There is to be no socks! There should be no food she explained it won’t be nice if a child is not allowed to eat or has no teeth I am not sure where the teeth thing came from but she is right chocolate sweets anything could upset a child who is nil by mouth.


She explained while girls love brushes clips etc we should not add them as some little girls don’t have hair.  She really thought it all through!  A headband would be lovely though she said.


She is truly amazing so now I am asking you to please take a look at her go fund me page and please please share it!  I know not everyone can even afford to donate £1 in fact so did she when she noticed over 100 people watched and only 1 donated she did not get angry she said to me Not everyone has enough pennies to give me one for sick kids but they watched.


When I asked her again this morning why sick kids in hospital why not orphans or homeless kids.  She reminded me of when her twin Mia was in hospital a lot and how most Christmas’ she is ill and presents cheer her up even if she can not get up and play with them she likes to get presents.

So here is her go fund me page please help her raise some money to make sick kids in hospital Christmas eve boxes.


Elysa aged 6 raising money for sick kids in hospital


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  1. littleslifeandlaughter says:

    It sounds like you are doing an amazing job raising your children! What a sweet girl, she is going to make some children very happy this Christmas!


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