Books Written By Billiejo Priestley

These are the first erotica books published by myself Billiejo Priestley.

Seductive Vibrations is a four part erotica book.  Book one and two released, book three and four coming this year.

Seductive Vibrations, mixes erotica with thriller.


Seductive Vibrations can be purchased on Amazon or read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Book one, Alena is introduced to Jackson by her roommate Liam, Jackson is Liam’s brother.  She is not expecting much to happen, she does not see herself as being the sort of women he would go for.

However he does, after walking her home, things get a little steamy just in time for Liam and her other house mate Georgina to arrive back.

Unbeknown to Alena, Liam had planned to kiss her that night, so is obviously angry, Alena and Jackson have a past, which is hard to hide so lay everything on the table and are complete open about it.

All Alena knows is Jackson is in the navy, however she soon finds out about his business Seductive Vibrations, and while she should be running away as quickly as she can, she can’t help but feel pulled in.

One of their past’s come back to try destroy them, and Alena, is very nearly killed because of it.  Jackson, some how makes her go from a shy, unsocial woman, to someone who loves being the centre of attention and even seeking a way to act out her sexual fantasies.


Seductive Vibrations Book Two

A tingle too far


This book is due to be released on the 13th April, currently available to be pre-ordered.

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In book two, Alena has to say goodbye to Jackson, they spend most of the week he has left exploring each others fantasies more.

Alena and Roxy become closer, they use Seductive Vibrations for their own pleasure, and Alena, gets her first real taste of been a Domme, used to being Jackson’s Submissive she loves it.

Alena, gets engaged to Jackson, and plans to marry him when he gets back, he just makes it back in time for the wedding, but then has to leave the same night again.

Alena, soon realises a all to scary picture with Jackson and someone from her past, she has no way to contact him to warn him.  However the time for him to return comes and goes, Alena is worried for Jackson, and her worries turn out to be true.

They are told he is officially declared dead even though no body was ever recovered.  Alena, grows closer to Liam, they start dating, one for Jackson to reappear.

There is a lot of twist, turns, and erotica scenes in book two.



Poems, written from when I was a child up to being a adult

Due to be released April/May 2018

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