About me 

To say I have not had a easy life is a understatement.  Growing up was fine until I was around 6 years old after that things where pretty messed up.  I was brought up around drugs alcohol and fighting.  Life to say was hard and I seen and heard things no child should ever see.  Growing up I always said I would never drink or take drugs seeing what it did to everyone around me put me off.  When I was 17 I become pregnant with my first child a boy when I was around 5months pregnant might nana passed away. This was the worst pain I ever felt I miss her every day she’s the one person I could talk to.  When I was 24  (2011) I had twin girls at 25 (2012) I had another girl and then again in 2014 I had another girl.

I got so used to been dependent on myself doing things myself I did not often ask for help.

I got so used to not opening up to people to keeping my feelings and what was happening in my life to myself.  So I never was one for speaking out