I wish I was born 100 years early this is why

So, I was talking to someone and I realised how amazing it would have been to have been born 100 years earlier. Now, this is not so that I could wear the style of clothes they did, don’t get me wrong, the clothing in 1919 was amazing, the men and boys always looked so smart, but now. It goes further then clothing, it is down to the food. Remember those stories….We all remember them.

Our grandparents saying “In my day”  The stories of how they walked for miles in the snow to school sometimes without shoes.  The stories of how they would only get bread and butter for tea sometimes.  How they would eat these soups or stews that were full of saturated animal fats.  Some stories would be an exaggeration of the truth but one thing that is true is how much things have changed since including our foods.

How have they changed? Well back then they never used to feed or use growth hormones, antibiotics or similar products while raising animals. They do now, to help fatten them up, to make them grow quicker, to stop them getting diseases.

Most butchers back then had their own farm land or bought from people very local.  The meat was fresh and free from all man-made toxins.  Animals had grass which also did not have anything added to it. Now you see crops being sprayed with pesticides and several other chemicals.

Now most animals are raised in factories, some never see sunlight and some even live in tiny unsanitary conditions.  Before they were constantly out never indoors now it is the opposite. We are lead to believe all the diseases animals come into contact with is natural and from the grass, bugs, pests etc. Yet it isn’t, 1919 they had no issues, some animals died sure, but for the most they were healthy and thriving running around on farms.

The way animals are kept today along with the pesticides and several other chemicals are leading to diseases that spread a lot quicker not to mention the drugs given to help them grow quicker.  People wonder why people are more malnourished now then 50-100 years ago it is because our meat and veg is not fresh. How can it be? these chemicals we are spraying on the grass that cows eat are making the food malnourished.

Let’s talk about fruit and veg something people think of as having very high nutrients. You know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Five portions of fruit a day.

Chemical Pesticides and fertilizers decrease and damage fruit and veg.  They never used these product’s in 1919 before or for a short while after, which is why a lot of nutrients in these fruit and vegetables have dropped up to as high as 37%!  Imagine that years ago a single fruit you would have got 100% nutrients from now you have lost 37% of the nutrients.

Imagine in another 50 years!  They say you need to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of vitamin A your grandparents would have gotten from just 1! Now let that sink in, your grandparents could eat one and for you to get the same nutrients you need to eat eight! So is the five portions a day enough?

With this crisis rising more people having deficiencies and illnesses from lack of nutrients people now have turned to supplements but the issues with supplements?

They add things to it that are not needed or have other side effects.  You still don’t get a lot of nutrients from them either. Ask yourself, why now are the health board advising that all babies no longer on breast milk or over the age of one to use vitamins?

That is right, the government is now saying from 6 months (if formula feed and note breastfeed) to five years children should be taking vitamins A, C and D! Even though know that now days children and adults can not eat enough fruit and veg to cover what is needed!

So, let that sink in, you eat eight oranges, maybe even more just to get the same nutrients your parents did from one. Why? Why do they continue to spray our food? Why can’t they let food grow at it’s own, natural pace?

We are slowly killing our fresh foods and not by bees becoming extinct but by using chemicals after chemicals over and over again!

So you see, your five portions a day, don’t even scratch the surface anymore!


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