We Are Just Mums – Poem

I heard you today, laughing and mocking.

Saying I am a bad mum, because my child had chocolate

Yet it was 8am, but she had been brave

Saying goodbye at her daddies grave last night

I saw you today, pointing in disgust

Because I push my six year old in a buggy

Yet what you fail to miss, is that beneath the hat he wears

His hair is gone, yesterday his final chemo session

Today we are going to his Grans to celebrate

I saw you today, pointing your judgement finger

As I carried my child in their Pyjamas

Through the school gates

Yet what you don’t understand is

She has learning disabilities and every morning is a battle

I saw you yesterday, with your judging comments and looks

To that mum who was nearly in tears

As her son rolled around the floor screaming for ice cream

She said no and you judged, yet if she said yes, you would still have judged

You see, that mum you judge is doing her best

She had no sleep last night

She had no sleep the night before

Then today she got news her mother had died

She just wanted someone to hold

As she fights against the world

With others judging her parenting skills

Without knowing inside she judges herself

Far more than any of you could

That mum you judge is on edge

She already feels like a bad mum

She is going through postnatal depression

Already attempted suicide

And there you are

Pointing the judgement finger like your mother perfect

You’re a mother, I am guessing so

So why don’t you go home

And consider how you would feel

With the judgement pointing at you


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