A Mothers Day

Breakable heart, yet you will never see it broken

Tears threaten to build in her eyes, yet she won’t shed a tear

She feels like giving up, yet she keeps on fighting

Everyday a battle, and she is willing to defeat it

She wakes up to screams, cries and tears

She stumbles out of bed, and cuddles away their fears

She continues her journey downstairs

To make their cereal, and quickly she drinks a coffee before they finish eating

She walks around the house, and picks up they toys

She cooks for the children, and tries to quickly eat herself

While she tells them to sit and eat nice.

She washes the pots and pans and puts them away

Which she hears her children laugh and play

The day is tiring and she just wants to sleep

She reads them a bedtime story as they fall asleep

Her day is not over though, she goes back downstairs to clean

The mess that was left from tiny hands and gleeful hearts

She loads the washing machine and finally climbs in bed

She lays there in awe, sadness and loneliness

As she realises this is her life and she can’t change it

Even if she could, she still wouldn’t change it

She is a mother, a mother who cares

She a mother, a mother who wants to be there

Hard times and sad times, she stands by her child’s side.

Even on mothers day she still has to work

Yet the payment for the job outweighs it work

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