A Good Morning Routine

Why a good routine in the morning can lead to an amazing day

Now lets be honest, no one at first believes what you do in the morning or that a morning routine can lead to you having an amazing day……BUT IT CAN!

From changing how we feel, to changing how productive we are, that is what a morning routine can help us . Morning routines have also proven to help many who suffer with mental health issues, me being one of them.

A morning routine does not just help you mentally but physically, and emotionally.

So, let’s take a look at a few steps to having a good morning routine

Get Up! Get Active! Morning Routine Part One

Now, the first part of a morning routine is getting up and active as soon as your alarm goes off! Don’t turn off your alarm and roll over for five more minutes.

What is more important? Five more minutes to sleep or five more minutes to live and enjoy your life? I know I would choose life. Now the issue with staying in bed after your alarm is it forces your mind to think it is still night time and in turn making you feel tired.

Now, I know when you wake up you may feel tired so watch out tomorrow for Affirmations which will help change that. The trick is, if you move your alarm or your phone if that is your alarm across the room. It forces you to get out of bed and be active.

This instantly triggers your mind to think….Time to get up! which is step one of your routine. Now, don’t go getting back in bed, go drink a glass of water, or wash your face to fully wake up.

Silence! Morning Routine Part Two

Don’t get up and go watching tv, or scrolling through facebook first thing! Have a few minutes just sitting in silence, relaxing and enjoying life and that you have woken up once again. Some people may mediate while doing this, it is your choice. However the trick is, do not go on social media or anywhere near any screens, just enjoy the silence.

Have kids? Well at the end there will be some tips which may help you get that silence.

Affirmations! Morning Routine Part Three

Now, I love affirmations these are things that can change your mindset, depending on how bad your mindset is depends on how long it will take to have an effect.

Now your affirmations can be anything about your life, affirmations for love, success, health,, wealth anything you want! Even self-love affirmations.

Every day you are practicing affirmations, without even realising it! When you say anything like the following, you are saying affirmations.

“I can’t do it” “I am worthless” “No one likes me” “I hate my body” “I will never be successful” “I will never find true love”

They are all negative affirmations, so what is positive affirmations? Of course the opposite!

“I can do it” “I will do it” “I am worthy” “I am loved” “I love my body and my imperfections” “I am successful”

Now the affirmations you do, depend on what you want to change! You want to change how you feel about yourself? Your affirmations should be “I love my body” “I am a strong person” “My body is amazing” create affirmations to help you!

Visualisation! Morning Routine Part Four

Now, for some you may skip this step, but it is a good things if you have goals you want to reach, in life, health, success etc.

Now, most say visualise that you have what you want! I say no!

Visualise the steps you need to get there, after that visualise you having what you want in life! Sometimes seeing with your mind something you want is what pushes you to achieve it!

Exercise! Morning Routine Part Five

Don’t cry! Yes I said exercise and yes it is part of your morning routine! Now I am not saying spend an hour doing work outs, if you can’t don’t!

Even if all you do is a quick five minute work out, that is all that matters. You would not believe how much more positive and happy you feel after exercise. Why do so many medical professions suggest exercise for those suffering with depression? Because it actually helps boost your spirits after you have exercised.

Read! Morning Routine Part Six

Read, read and read! This is essential to your morning routine and life! I don’t care if you read a car manual, a bible, a get fit quick book. But reading helps strengthen your mind, and too many people no longer read, why?

Reading is like learning, you learn about characters in a book, about the authors dreams, and visions. Don’t sit there and read 100 pages, just read at least two pages, but read the amount you are comfortable reading.

If you read just two pages of a book a day you will read 730 pages a year, that can be equivalent to four short books, if you read four pages again it doubles!

Scribe! Morning Routine Part Seven

That is write….Get what I did there? Okay crazy I know the word should be right but as we are talking about writing I thought I would throw in a pun! So, write about your plans for today, what do you plan to do, how do you plan to do it?

Write your goals, your aims, and your dreams. Do this every morning.

Tips For Your Morning Routine

  • Have a glass of water next to your bed for when you wake up
  • Move your alarm so you have to walk across the room
  • On a morning, start moving your alarm time earlier by 15 minutes, you don’t need 12 hours sleep, some of the most successful people lived off 5 hours sleep a night!
  • If you set your alarm early enough, you can have time to do all this yourself before your kids wake….I know I have five little rugrats!
  • Plan the night before, don’t get up and sit there thinking what exercise should I do, plan everything the night before
  • Don’t give up! Some may find it hard to start with, but don’t give up.
  • Feel tired? Say affirmations to yourself throughout everything in the routine “I am not tired” “I got enough sleep and feel refreshed”
  • Stay positive, if you start thinking “I can’t do this” or “This isn’t working” change the thoughts to “I am doing this” “This feels amazing”
  • Have fun! That is the most important task, is to enjoy your routine!
  • At any point during these, grab something to eat.

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