Benefits Of Waist Training

Mum life!

Now, if you are like me, you probably see the words “Waist Training” and think hell no! They are they things that squash your insides, cause damage and hurt people. Yeah, I was the exact same, and I avoided them for years…..Until now!

Why? Well because I was getting waist trainers wrong and mixed up with Corset trainers. There is a big difference, and corset training is what causes the damage not waist training!

So, what are some benefits to waist training?

Improves Posture

Crazy right, but it is a true and only when you wear the waist trainer do you realise just how bad your posture was! So today this happened….I put my waist trainer on first thing, you know I have five kids, I was running around the house as I do every morning ensuring everything is perfect.

I slowly realised, every time I was tying shoe laces, picking up toys, picking up dropped books, bags and what ever else, I bent with my back! A big no! no! Yet there I was, only today I couldn’t! The waist trainer was forcing me to use my knees, and my back already was thanking me by not being so sore.

As a parent we don’t realise we are doing it, we are so busy running around we don’t have time to think “Bend at the knees there Jojo” because we have a million and one things to do, but wearing the waist trainer I did! It also helped me sit up straight, I noticed a difference walking up and down the stairs, the amazing thing is, posture is something that can make the difference in old age.

Contours Midsection

Something most women want is a contoured midsection, we want our hips more defined and waist training is just one way of doing this! Grab a waist trainer and start contouring your midsection to your desired amount!

Relieves Back Pain

Now this is a obvious reason, the fact it is helping with your posture means it will help with any back problems you may have. It is also supportive for your back, now I am not saying if you have MS and can’t move because of pain it will cure you, in no world is that possible. However many people who experience regular back pain and used waist trainers have said it helped them.

Increase Core Strength

Now this is because most waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core make you sweat more with less effort and exercise and helps strengthen your core.

Helps Reduce Headaches

Crazy right? But again this comes back to posture! While wearing your waist trainer, you are forced to have good posture which in turn prevents excessive pressure and construction on your nerves in your spinal cord. That means it can alleviate your headaches.

Alleviating Menstrual Cramps

Now, this might now work for every woman, actually it probably won’t, however many women have reported that wearing a waist trainer has helped with their menstrual cramps. The reason behind this is because the waist trainer puts pressure on your midsection, which eases the sensation of uterine contractions

Weight loss and well Weight loss

Now this is a given, if used right waist trainers can help you lose weight and also inches! Many women have used waist trainers as a way to help them lose weight around they stomach, and even back!

Now I am not saying that wearing one will make you drop 10lb in two days from your body but the waist trainers are designed to help assist in weight loss.

Other benefits

Improves confidence

Post-birth shaping

Eliminates love handles

Appetite suppression


Ready to get started?

It is easy! Go to

And decide which course is right for you! If you order phase one and two together, you will get phase one first, then when you finish phase one, send your measurements for phase two.

Use your facebook to be part of a support network, or find me Billie Jo Priestley for support.

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