Does your mind wonder?

Does your mind scream
Runaway with thoughts
Reminding you of me
Or have you forgotten?
Each night I laid in bed
My broken tears falling
My mind thinks of you
And makes up a happy play
Because all the memories I have
Are just the devils face
Mum and dad
Do you ever just lay there
Your mind reminiscing
Do you even remember the good days?
Or is everyone’s mind plagued
By the days filled with torture
That made me want to escape
Mum and dad
Do you remember my face
Broken and scared
While you were too consumed
In your own disastrous affair
You forgot the children around you
Watching in despair
Mum and dad
Does your mind ever wonder?
Do you ever wish you could go back
And do something different
That day it all changed
And ruined our lives and minds
beyond repair?

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