Blackhole Within The Mind

Mind searches frantically
Screams echo around
Emptiness remains
Nothing there to be found
Not even a trace
No childhood to remember
No teen years to endure
All that mind remembers
Is a scattered mess
Upon the blooded floor
The blooded floor a warning
To run from the hidden memories
My brain feels like
It is missing its life
A soul stuck in a body
Within no past behind
A childhood of just ten memories
No more than that
The rest locked behind the door
Within my mind
Leaving nothing but a black hole
Of wonder what was my life?
My heart knows it was bad
The few memories left are
Yet I feel the locked room
Will bring some brightness to my mind
Yet once that door opens
Skeletons will fall to the floor
My body rummaging through the broken bone of disaster
Looking for a single bit of happiness
Within the blooded mess
A single happy memory
Making my life worthwhile
Yet I know those skeletons
Will pull me down
So for now
This black hole within in mind
Will have to stay blackened
Plagued with no happy memories
From childhood
No birthday candles or presents
No loving cuddles before bed
The black hole that is my mind
Is my only bed

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