Weak against you

Yes I can hear you

Screaming within my mind

Yet you don’t understand

I am stuck behind this wall

Unable to stand up tall

I am weak against their gaze

Their words ripping me down

Nowhere for me to hide

The strength I had built

No longer stands its ground

My body shaking

Yet the words are so little

You have done worse

Yet they still hurt like before

The silent tears rolling down

My mind wondering why?

Do you realise the pain

The hurt and discomfort?

Is this the pleasure you seek?

Your life goal to make me weak?

Each time I face you I am no longer free

Right back to those days

Where my control belonged to you

I open my eyes

And whisper in my mind

His words are foolish

No truth within in

Yet deep down my mind

Tells me what I whisper is all lies



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