Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

They make leave a scar or two

A scratch that bleeds

A bruise that heals

Yet those names you throw at me

They still hurt me

You won’t see a scar

Or even a bruise

There will be no blood

Flowing through

Yet deep inside

There lies a hatred

A hatred you can not see

Those words you throw

May seem little

Like the old saying

Sticks and stones

But those words

Really do hurt me

Hidden beneath the layers

There is my self-hate

You just added a new weight

My self-hate just blossomed more

Your words adding fuel

To the fire, I can’t control

So while sticks and stones

Cut and make me bleed

You can’t see the real scars

That your words leave inside me


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  1. Wow. I wrote a similar poem but I reckon it is not as good as this one.


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