The Devils Game

The shattering truth

Brings us crumbling down

The love that once was

Is now laid bare on the ground

The world continues to spin

While you stand and sin

The prayers keep on being prayed

The holy water keeps on spraying

Yet the sinners keep on sinning

Slowly bringing in the innocent

The playful eyes and wild hearts

Too young to understand

They join in with the sins

Because they feel so big

Slowly and slowly they begin to fall to the ground

The words they used cursing us out

Our prayers no longer helpful

As the sinners become the devils

Taking on the challenge

Of punisher and hater

Bringing the innocent down with them

No world no longer safe

The streets no longer bright

The children no longer laughing with joy

But malicious laughing cursing us

As all we can do is sit and wait

Wonder and watch

When will they realise

They are playing the devils game.

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