Mother disgrace

Weeping alone, no one at home

The house is buzzing, yet I am alone

The torture inside my mind, won’t leave me alone

I felt strong, then your words brought me down

Those little lies you told, are doing their rounds

One little lie, turning to two, then to three

Now all these people are stood staring at me

The paper and their pens, ready to take down their notes

Asking me question after question and it feels like a curse

I do everything right, yet it just backfires

Small simple lies, make me look like a bad parent

One day you will see, when your grown and older

I pray your child never lies and walks in your steps

Your lies have consequences, don’t you see?

Now those people are interrogating me!

I want to give up, I want to throw up my hands

Now I know why my mum walked and left us behind

She wasn’t strong enough to take on this life

A life of someone who lies for their own gain

A lie that makes a mother look like a disgrace

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