Secrets Of Marcus (Erotica)

A small part out of the book, Secrets of Marcus, this part Marcus is with his brat, waking up restrained to the bed, however, he can no longer lie about his feelings.


The feel of leather running across my skin, waking me, Rebecca above my smiling, going to move my hands are fastened down.

“Stop that kitten” Looking at her, I pull against the restraints, I hate these damn things, her laugh is teasing.

“Okay” Her hand stops stroking the whip across me, instead she starts swinging it gently hitting my chest.

“Kitten you know what I meant” Laughing, she continues, the whip getting harder each time.

“Sorry Master, you want me to stop using the whip, okay then” She gets off me, walking across the room, she grabs the paddle, shaking my head at her as she walks back towards me.

“No, stop everything now kitten” Looking at her, she puts down the paddle and sits on the bed next to me, my arms still bound, oh she is so getting punished for this. I love how she knows what I mean yet she does it wrong while obeying what I am saying. She isn’t moving, just sat there, waiting, watching.

“Unfasten the restraints please kitten” Looking at her, she nods, getting off the bed, she walks across the room, her hands unfastening the restraints from everywhere but me.

“The restraints, my hands kitten, unfasten it now” Walking back to me, she crawls onto the bed, her hand trailing along my body teasing me, stopping at my wrist her hand unfastens the strap, getting off the bed she bolts for the door.  Unfastening the second one myself, I chase after her, catching her as she gets half way down the stairs, my arm grabbing her and throwing her over my shoulder. Carrying her back to the room, I place her on her feet.

“Witch, you don’t tease me and run” Grabbing the rope she struggles, her hands trying to tie me up instead,

“Stand still so I can tie you up” My hands trying to get the rope around her wrists at least.

“No Master” Her hands keep fighting me, I don’t have the energy for this today, but no way am I walking away and leaving this.

“Now witch” Grabbing the rope, I wrap it around her chest, trying to hold her arms down and wrap the rope around them. If I wanted to, she would be totally bound by now, but she likes defying me and saying no.

“Make me Master” raising her eyes at me, she struggles more, trying to free herself, while tangling me up with the rope.  Her words a clear indicator she wants me to stop fucking about and just take full control, wrapping my arm around her, I pin her body against mine, her hands unable to keep tangling me.  With my other hands, I begin wrapping the rope around her body, slowly restraining her, standing looking at her, she is perfect, yet I feel like she isn’t enough anymore. Once again Alena is within my mind, Rebecca is standing there looking at me waiting, now what do I do? Slowly unwrapping her, I watch as her eyes change, she is in disbelief, so much disbelief on her face.  I need to get away, this isn’t fair to Rebecca, I can’t continue to touch her with Alena on my mind.  Standing now totally unwrapped she looks at me, waiting, her eyes telling me she thinks it is a joke. I wish this was a joke.

“I am releasing you, sorry kitten, but I can’t do this” I walk over and sit on the edge of the bed, my words still sounding around the room, Rebecca walks over to me, kneeling in front of me her eyes looking into mine.

“You have released me already, see no rope Master, so tell me why you don’t want to play all of a sudden?” Looking at her, she doesn’t realise what I mean. I move my hand up slowly, unclipping and removing the collar from around her neck.

“I mean for good, you are no longer mine. Things have changed Rebecca, I am sorry” Her face changes, the hurt and pain on it, but if I keep going that pain and hurt will only get worse. I have never felt like this before, yet right now I do, and I can’t play, I can’t touch or anything while I think about Alena, it is wrong, only Rebecca should be on my mind, and right now she has gone from it.

“What has changed? We have been together for two years, two years Marcus and you have never looked like you did last night, what happened?” I wish I knew, if I knew why I feel like this I would sort it, I can’t have Alena, and until I get her out my mind, it isn’t fair to play with others.

“I wish I knew, I met someone and since I can’t get her out my mind, I look at you so perfect in every way. Yet now I don’t feel like you are enough” I look at her, and clearly my words hurt her.

“You are enough and perfect, my mind is just fucked up right now, I need to go and find a way to free it, and it isn’t fair touching you while she is there in my mind” Kissing her head, I get up and walk out the room, her collar within my hand reminding me of the last two years that have just been thrown away. I will sort this, I know I will and when I do, I hope Rebecca is willing to take me back, but I don’t think she will stay without a Master for long. Walking out I feel like I am losing part of me, but I can’t be unfaithful to her that way. I can’t stay loving her like I do when all I can imagine is that is Alena tied up in front of me.


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