Difference between a Submissive and Brat

So there is two things people think.

One is that a submissive, and a brat are two completely different things.

Another is that they are the exact same just different terms.

Truth is, while they are very alike, they are also so very different. A submissive nearly always submits without misbehaviour, sometimes yes they might get cheeky, but not often. A brat however, likes to push the boundaries, says no a lot more, even though they mean yes.

So, what are the things to remember?

  1. If you are a brat, ensure the Dom you are after is okay with a brat, not all doms appreciate a brats attitude.
  2. Don’t think because your a submissive, you can never act like a brat, sometimes you can, just limit how much, and likewise for a brat, they too can submit willingly.
  3. Remember the limits.
  4. There is been a brat, and then there is been disrespectful, remember that.

So, a few scenarios.

Punishment – 6 Spanks

Dom orders the submissive to count with each one, when the whip hits her arse the first time she says “One” Ensuring he can hear it.

A brat would likely, feel the whip, stay quiet. Prompting the dom to ask why she has not said one, the brats reply “Sorry Sir, I did not know you had started” This is a typical brat behaviour to A, get spanked harder B, hope for more spanks.

A brat may also, laugh when spanked, to show it tickles more than it hurts.

They may also yawn and seem bored during the punishment again, to show it doesn’t hurt.

Now, that is funishments more than punishments, if you have pushed your Dom to far, and are having a cold shower, that really is the time to submit, not stand there yawning saying the cold water has no effect.


Scene scenario.

Dom is using rope to tie up submissive, the submissive stands still, follows orders, no issues.

A brat, the Dom would try wrapping the rope around the brat, while she proceeds to fight him off, tangle the Dom up in it etc. Now yes a Dom would most likely be able to stop this from happening, but a Dom who loves a brat will indulge her for a short while before taking full control, or will take control when she says something like “Do your worse Sir” “Put me in my place Sir” or equivalent.


Brats and Submissives are equally valued, they are different yet the same in so many ways. To have either a brat or a submissive, is a truly amazing blessing.


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  1. Nice explanation, well done. ls xxx


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