Bad Love

Old poem, from when I was fifteen.


Tiny and broke, wide eyes looking out

The bad love present as I sit down

Fluttering heart ready to fly away

Soul in hiding, not wanting to stay

So tiny and small, so broken and weak

You are sat looking waiting for an answer from me

Shaking head, confused little girl

Unknown to her, the choice was never really hers

The fear of what if, plagues within her mind

The choice between parents, will never find an end

The path is not an easy one, treacherous and painful

A burden not worth pain, yet the burden was on me

The world around me burning, flesh dripping free

Teary eyes looking lost, when will you find me?

Shaking body realising this is a must, no hope for me escaping

Shaking knees, clank together like silver spoons within in the wind

As I bow my head, and tell you, this isn’t me

This choice is not to be burdened on me.



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