Not mine, but mine

All this pain kept within me, it can never escape me

All that blame you should take, it is all on me

Every time something breaks, the finger points to me

I wonder why I am burdened with this hate

Why my body is slumped forward with this weight

A weight that I just can not take, that I never asked to take

You’re stood there strong and tall, no weight within your shoulders

You put that weight on me, watching as my back folds over

The weight pulling me down, each day I fall closer to the ground

Yet you pass that blame onto me, you pretend there is no blame on you

Even when you blame yourself, somewhere in your words you also blame me

I will take that blame, I will take that hate, I will take all that weight

Because I now realise, I am strong enough to carry all that weight

While others would break and cave, I realise that weight is part of me

The blame, that I don’t deserve creates the real me

That hate you all throw my way, lifts me.

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