Fake Love

I hear the cries as I sit up in my bed, your shouting travelling through head

I look around as our family falls down, the glasses breaking

Your words destroying us all right now, we can’t escape it

Those words you said was torture, how could you speak such things

I watch as you destroy this family, the love too much to endure

Each day is world war three, and there is no end in sight

You tried forcing it to work, walking away when it was too late

The damage is irreversible, as this family boughs and breaks

The years of torture of your love, dragging each one down

I look at the mess you created, trying to fake a love

Each day that fake love, crumbling down causing fights

The glasses smashing as I hide my face, praying tomorrow will be a new day

My escape is to run away, but my body is too small to do it

My escape is within my mind, hiding from this life that your forced upon me

Those fights at night torturing me, as I sit in my bed pretending I am not me

The hurt and the pain of your fake love dragging me to my grave

As I look around and realise, just what your fake love for each other has caused

Children broken in so many ways, and there is now no escape

That fake love trying to make this family work, destroyed us and took us all to our graves.

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