Same Road

How many days and years have I been stuck on this same road?

Walking down, seeing the same people every day

Nothing changing, never taking a turn, I continue on down the same road

How much of my life have you missed hiding me outside your door?

Pretending I don’t exist anymore, so you can move on with this show?

While I sit on the curb and wonder where I fit in your world

I always try to figure out why you left, my brain trying to figure out your moves

A game of chess, I look at your moves and nothing makes sense.

You waited till I was at an age I would remember, the pain of never seeing my mother

You waited till things were so bad, you escaped without taking me with you

Where were you when I took the step to become a woman?

Where were you when I passed the exams after you left?

I wonder where you was when I was a mess, sitting on the floor the crowds passing me by

No one noticing the fifteen year old with drugs, ready to end the hurtful life

The pain caused by his touch, that I didn’t want to happen, that I tried fighting off

I never chose to be this adult, it was pushed upon me, a childhood of misery

The misery that started before you walked out, and continued after you left

You didn’t even consider what you had left, you walked and never took a look back


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the imagery.
    Well written


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