Cutting this life short

It started with a short quake, the crack slowly begun to grow

Overtime, the words, the hurt, the pain breaking it open

The crack became the gaping hole, within my life

A void that can not be filled, and I know it is the end of this life for me

Scorching pain, spreading through my veins every day

My bones crumpling to pieces, as I collapse to the floor in pain

My mind giving up, not wanting to feel the hurt anymore

I realise now what this life means, it means nothing to be me

The reality is, this life means nothing to anyone it is a useless life

The shattering truth giving me peace within my mind

The noise that once belonged has now died down

As I realise this life needs to be cut down, this life needs to stay down

The pain unbearable something I can not take anymore

Loneliness only adds to my self hate, when I look around and see those gates

The gates that separate you and I, me alone inside, with you on the outside.

You don’t want to come here, now I realise, you never wanted to be part of this life

Everyone around me, feeling trapped on the inside, just like me

Now I know, I can set them free just by ending this life short tonight

The visions of freedom making me feel safe, the visions of no more pain

All those visions bringing me comfort from the pain

A pain that only ever has one escape, a pain that I will take to my grave

This life is full of unanswered questions, that I know will never produce answers

Those who smile and tell me it’s okay, they don’t feel what I feel every day

Pain as it spreads through my veins, the hurt within my eyes delving into my mind

My soul is black, it lost its light, motionless within me as it has been killed by the pain

My life is colour-blind, the colours drained free over many years of misery

Yet sitting here, I feel the comfort in knowing the end will be sweet

I may cut this life short tonight, but then I will be free

After all, isn’t that how it should be? The final moments relaxed in peace?

My mind is quiet for a change, as I finally listen to it’s screams

The torturing sound, that tried dragging me down but now I realise

It wasn’t dragging my down, those screams within my mind, was showing me a way out

I feel this is it, the life’s goodbye, the moment I let this soul fly high

It has been bound down for to many years now, having to bow down

My life it’s torture as it carries my burden, my soul surely broken

I know there are people who say they care, yet in this moment right now I don’t care

You can tell me I will be fine, but you can’t keep up with that lie

Soon that lie will drag me down and show you what’s inside

Nothing be a empty hollow space, waiting to die

And that is why cutting this life short, with let my soul fly



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