Dry eyes

How could you leave, so unexpected?

We sat waiting, we waited

Yet you just left us, we all needed you

You told me you loved me, yet I don’t feel that love

You don’t speak to me, you don’t know me that well

We sat waiting, you was meant to show

Yet sitting at the window, you called and never showed

You left us sat, waiting and was a no show

I don’t even have a picture of you, why would I need a picture?

I would need the real you, the real you no one ever sees

You didn’t even call to say well done, You didn’t even ask how I had done

I remember that conversation, your eyes dry as a desert storm

You didn’t even flinch when we didn’t chose you!

Is there any wonder why we didn’t chose you!

Yet you didn’t fight for us, you didn’t say you wanted us.

You sat and watched, as we chose someone over you

The moment you should have stood, and said no I love you

You sat, dry eyed, empty heart, only you on your mind

You watched us walk away, and still to this day, you don’t regret leaving us

Why did you give up on us? Why would you just leave?

Now you expect to pick up, where you left us?

I don’t think that will succeed, I don’t see you been with me

The life I created you do not exist

The life I created doesn’t need you within it

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