Take me now

Someone please call them

Tell them my body has become cold

The blood has dried up and gone

Nothing left, nothing to give

My bones are turning into the forgot fossils

Of a underwater city that will never submerge

They need to come and erase me

From this life that is a drug

It gives me the buzz for a while

Then like a drug, it pulls me down

All the pain, all the hurt flooding back

Ten times over, knocking me back down

Someone call them and tell them to come

Take me away, to that better place

Above the world so high

Where only happiness belongs

My mind has gone, crumbled into pieces

My heart no longer beats, it is hollow within me

My soul crying out to escape, to that better land you forever see

Take me away, flying high above

My soul looking down, as my body comes dust

The people around me, no longer cautious of their words

The freedom everyone will feel, when I am gone

Someone call them, to come take me

To take me to heaven and never have to exist



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