I carry my cross

I carry my cross just like you

A burden upon my shoulders, that will never be through

My cross is the invisible to the world, they see me standing free

Yet within my layers, there is a burden

The words that cause scars within me, never stop coming

The memories replaying in my mind, adding to the burden

I feel myself become a bit free, just for more to be applied

There is no one here for me, I have been alone since birth

I have walked this earth, with this burden alone

Everyone helping add to my burden, yet no one here to wipe my brow

No one here to help me carry this burden

I look at you, your strength as you carry the cross

I wonder how I never saw it before

I am carrying my own cross, just like yours

Your cross was heavy, but came about because of others actions

My cross is a burden that keeps growing dragging me down

That came about because of others actions

I am carrying a burden, that there i no escape from

The cross dragging me down to the ground

Just as you carried our their burden to help us be free.

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