Unwanted, Unforgivable Love

My body is warm, the smile so real

We laugh as we walk, we are so young

Loves young dream, every teens need

Yet you wear a mask, I don’t realise fast

Slowly I realise, the love is not real

The day plagues my mind, like a record on replay

Your hands gripping me hard, my body pinned against the wall

I fight and scream, my kicks don’t succeed

I feel like I am losing, losing my will to live

As you seem so calm, like this is a every day thing

I kick and scream, your hands forcing me

Crying I realise I can’t win, my mind closing off trying to protect me

Your hands touching and grouping me as I kick and scream

I struggle as slowly my soul begins to break

Within me, my soul no longer free, each touch from you breaks me

You came close to the ultimate goal, until that man sees

I take my chance, and run to be free

Yet inside me, my soul is never free.



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