Never left broken (Erotica)

Standing silent, relaxing, my mind feeling free

His hands stroking up my body, watching me

The feel of the leather, driving me insane

As his slight chuckle at my moan makes my body shake

His breath against my neck, perfectly placed

Teasing me in all the right places, as his lips take a taste

His teeth biting down, watching my body retaliate

The whip swinging down, my body lurching forward

His growl sending me wild, my body quakes

As his hands pull me to him, so he can have his way

My pleasure is lucid, as his mouth continues to taste

Each part of my body his lips caress, making me break

His eyes watching as he takes me away, his powers working

My mind and body broken by him, and he takes the pleasure in fixing it

Watching as his touch brings me back to life, and makes me want to taste.

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