Drowning In Blackness

I am sat drowning unable to breath looking around I wonder how it could be?

Life seemed so perfect I seemed so happy but then things changed and I am in darkness.

You came into my life like a ray of hope you showed me I could be happy you gave me hope.

Just when you turned my life amazing you turned sour you pushed me too hard you made me cower.

I could not escape my mind had me trapped I needed you as the escape I needed to be trapped.

But then things changed my eyes opened wide I noticed you for what you were and ran to hide.

How could I be such a fool? How could I not see? Your intentions were never good you fooled me. I crawled away it took all my strength and I looked back at the disaster that commenced.

I am now free but never completely my mind is broken and knows it. You’re still there telling me I need you pushing me to be with you but I know I don’t need it.

So this is it my goodbye I don’t need you I am strong and can fight you if I need to.

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