bleak rainbow

My life is bleak, the colours hidden beneath the darkness

Everywhere I look all I see is grey skies, the blue has left me now.

The once blue ocean is now black like the plague has taken control of it

Lying down I close my eyes, the visions of my past just a faint light in the dimness

In my lowest time as twilight broke, my heart saw a small ray of hope

The rainbow above in the sky, showing me the way

In my darkest hour, I saw the hope, something worth living for

The beauty of this life, the world around me no matter how dark

My mind now creates the colours I long to see, warming my heart

My dreams vanished with your hate, your poisonous words tearing me down

Those mocking words still in my mind at my dreams trying to weaken me

The rainbow now showing me the fight within my life

The fight I need to strive and survive.

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