Shaking body, tears running free, I can’t escape this

My ears can hear the howling of laughter, the devil in the other room

I close my eyes and pretend my life does not exist

My heart melting, the devil in that room taking over

Everything I try, nothing is working, your evil laugh takes over

Hiding my face, I say goodbye, my heart no longer able to take the pain

I wish it was a dream, something I could wake up from

My wish never coming true, sitting I hear you frustrations

Your plan isn’t going the way you want, your question on replay in my head

Why won’t they drown? The sound of the water splashing around

Your frustrations growing, the devil in the room wanting more

Snap their necks, the final words deciding their fate

My heart sinks, that is no devil in there just twisted humour

I look around and wonder why me? Why am I the only one who is normal

Everyone else is destroying lives around them, while I sit and cry and wonder why

Your laughs getting louder as you plan finally succeeds

Opening the door, the bag of death within your hand

The bag swinging in front of my face, my eyes closing

The evil within you, will never leave, what are you

The devil wouldn’t do that, the devil would see the beauty in those creatures

Yet you just saw a opportunity to be twisted, your hands snapping the necks

The pleasure of being a murderer not enough, you throw the bag in my face

Laughing as you walk out the room, my body shaking

The moment I realised some people will never change

They will always take, even if it means breaking someones soul

No one cared, I sat and cried you was free to do what you wished

My child body would have been no match compared to you

Everyone in this life is there to protect you

Where is my protection? Why am I left alone to fight this battle

They laugh at you, and hold you, their hands guiding you

Yet even when you do evil, they are there for you, ignoring my cry of anger

The world is disgusting, a child should be happy

Yet all around the world, there is a child hiding

The evil in their house, and their cries go unheard

Because no one has time for a child weeping

The sign of weakness, you want strength in your child not weakness

A murderer is not strength, evil is not strength

The child crying watching that evil is the strength

The ability to get up and carry on is the strength

Yet you still walk around and follow the evil

Guiding them and helping them

While their evil continues to spread

Each bit breaking a part of someone while you are there

Supporting them and their evil

While a child cries and becomes broken

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