The Dark That Is Me

My life was always dark, the light I had went out quick

My heart slowly losing hope in this life

My soul crying out and breaking

I see my life, and I know my heads fucked up

What else would you expect, from a life so fucked up

There was no cupcakes growing up, no loving hugs before bed

I don’t remember the happy family, the mum and dad embracing us

Never did I see a smiling face, just the tears of misery

The blood splatters on the wall, the tears that never cease to fall

I have learnt to love the darkness, no longer afraid

I don’t hide away, like they say because the darkness within me is depressing

I slowly learned to be ashamed of my scars, the ones you can and can’t see

I no longer cover them, like they say because they are hideous

Then there is your words, trying to cut me down, one at a time

I fight for my breath and to stand my ground

Your words leaving more scars but I am not scared anymore

This is me, and my darkness that I can never escape

You keep firing away, your bullets pushing through

Yet I won’t run away, hide or cover up

Because this is me, and my darkness

The darkness that makes me who I am

The past so dark there is no escaping

I can only accept and embrace it, because this is the real me.



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