Glass Of Memories

A glass so thick I can’t smash it, I push and push but it doesn’t budge

I throw everything at it, it doesn’t break, the glass standing strong

Each bit of the glass, a vision from the past

Turning there is no escape, I am stuck inside, but I am a child within the glass

My mind grew up to fast, to young to be an adult, but no way of going back

I see you playing, running free, your parents smiling, you look so free

Your toys laying around, your life without a plan, just utter freedom to live and be free

Here I stand, looking around, this life not safe for a child’s mind

Just pain surrounds me, everyone in the house running wild, forgetting I am just a child

Pushing against time,  I force myself to withhold my inner child

I am just eleven, yet I am already so broken, my only saviour is to stop being a child

My life so broke, a oil painting dripping down, the colours running, mixing around

The glass keeps the memories there, the ones I no longer want to witness

No choice in the matter, the glass has me hostage, the memories on replay

I see that day, I see the terror in my face, I see the police surrounding the place

Turning there is no escape, the glass everywhere, making me stay

I see that memory, your evil grimace, as your stamp you foot, and kill the innocent

I see the heartbreak from within my own eyes, it was so fragile and innocent

Yet you took it away, you were meant to be my protector, yet there you are

Taking a piece of me away, a disgraceful laugh upon your face

Turning another memory, one that plagues me so much already

I see your face, as you walked away from us, why do you not want us anymore?

Closing my eyes, I spin so fast, hoping the glass disappears and emptiness takes its place

Stopping my eyes open, yet there is the glass, showing me another memory of the past.

This is my hell, my own prison, I am a prisoner within my mind

It on replay every second of the day, reminding me of the past

A past I hate, and I will never be able to escape.


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