Depressive State Of Mind

Smiling, laughter and happiness the day feels perfect

A family so warm and loving, I start to love myself all over again

Slowly the smiling starts to fade, my laughter starts to quiet

The happiness I once felt begins to dim, and become a faint light within the distance

The feelings switch and change, my heart starts pounding

My mind asking me why? Why now do I feel so down?

I look around for triggers, with not a single one in sight

I was happy and smiling, and within minutes I am now crying and hiding

The sorrow rising within me, no escaping it tonight

I shut myself off from the world, the feel of desolation building

Tears brimming my eyes, my tears obscuring my vision

The darkness clouding my mind

Everything changed so quickly, I can’t even understand why

How does happiness just disappear and despondency take it’s place

I thought I had won this battle, yet here you are once again showing your face

I may have won the battle, but I have not won the war

You will always be there waiting in the shadows

To take my blitheness away

Just so you can replace it with melancholia with a laugh upon your face

While I sit and wonder why? Why me?

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