Reflection Of A Ghost

Standing, the mirror reflecting who I am.

The skin soft and gentle, a pink flush in the cheeks

A beautiful person staring back at me, emerald green eyes shinning bright

Happy and wonderful, a life of pure ecstasy radiating from within

The reflection ripples, like a stone thrown into water.

The reflection changing, a monster standing behind me

A thick fog ascending from within the mirror

The person no longer soft and gentle, the pink flush that once was has now gone

Standing there is a broke woman, the life surrounding her showing the misery.

A life of darkness and hurt, poisonous people surrounding her

Her body brittle and broken, almost a ghostly figure.

Her once emerald green eyes, now just pools of darkness that even the devil would run from

The woman unable to smile, her mouth always a grimace, her head bowed down.

The weight of this world showing, as her body gives away from the pressure.

Shaking my head I try to change the image staring back at me, but it doesn’t.

My hands rubbing my eyes, but the image stays the same

Frantically, my hands rub against the mirror, it has to be a trick, yet my hands do not disarray the image.

Looking around the room behind me, the same people there as in the mirror.

The monster standing strong with a grip on my waist.

Realisation hits, the reflection is me there is no wiping it away

The people surrounding me the ones to cause the pain, that made me the broken me today.

Looking back, the woman in the mirror is beautiful, blood spilling from her eyes

Her hand reaching out to me, trying to save me

The monster only grips tighter, keeping me in the darkness of the mirror.

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