Broken Wings

Spreading wide ready to fly, I see the beauty that is the wings

Standing on the edge, I look down at the people

My body ready to step over the edge, to fly and be free

With shaky breaths this is it, the time to see if I can fly

Slowly stepping off the edge, I close my eyes, my wings opening wide

Yet I fall down, faster and faster, I don’t fly, I can’t fly

The wings broke, battered and bruised unable to help me stay afloat

My body screaming as I plummet to the ground

My wings trying to fly, trying to lift my high but they continue to break

The pressure pushing down too much for them to survive

My mind asking why, why me and why now?

Why pick me to fall down, when my wings do not work?

My body hits the ground, breaking screams all around

Struggling to my feet, I look around at where you have exiled me to

A place that is alien to me, everyone staring at me like a foreign body

Running through these dark streets I wonder where you are?

The light has slipped away, just the darkness and hate surrounding me

Hiding away, a corner of safety I weep why could I not stay where it was light?

Why would you exile me this way when you said you loved me?

Why would you tell me to jump into a cruel dark world knowing my wings would break?

Piece by piece I lose my wings, the beautiful white feathers fading black

Dropping to the floor, till I am one of them, the darkness you let us become

The darkness I hate and never wanted to become.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie Swift says:

    Heartbreakingly beautiful…
    There was so much raw emotion in this piece and it was just so powerful. I was with you, feeling the pain, the oppressing darkness around me the entire time. ❤
    Looking forward to reading more from you!


      1. Natalie Swift says:

        You’re welcome! ❤


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