Scene From Tangled Love (Erotica)

This is a small scene out of the fourth book Tangled Love from the trilogy Seductive Vibrations.

“Ready?” He is looking at me like he’s ready for me to run, say no or change my mind, I won’t be.  Picking the leather suit up off the bed, I put it on quietly, most of my body still exposed, the leather straps don’t really cover much.  Picking up the blindfold, smiling at him I place it over my eyes, standing waiting.  My heart racing at what is about to happen, the thought the cameras I had seen in this room will be turned on for the first time ever with me in here. His hands, wrapping around my throat, gently and playfully, slowing removing, his hand unclipping my day collar as I call it. After removing it, his hands wrap around again, this time removing and been replaced with a big, thick collar, a play collar.  A smile spreading across my face, as I remember admiring this collar, him watching me from a distance, I can just tell it is that collar, thick and wide, with spikes on, a big hop at the front for the lead and one at the back. My body jumps at the sensation of the whip hitting across my ass, I was that consumed by the collar I forgot about everything else.  His hands slowly tying rope around my wrists, the feel of him moving, walking around me making my heart skip.  Standing in front of me, he pulls the rope down, my body bending over for him.

“Keep your legs straight Kitten” His voice soft, keeping my legs straight, I bend as far forward as my body will allow me, his hands then using the rope to tie my wrists to my legs keeping me in this position.  The sound of the lead clipping onto the back of the collar, the chain slightly touching my back.  His body moving again, the chain pulling tight, my mind trying to figure out what he is doing.

Jumping, I would have fallen forward, the whip hitting my ass making me moan.  That is why he has the lead held tight, when he whipped me, my body flew forward, if he didn’t have hold I would have gone.  Moaning, I stay here bent over waiting, his silence making the anticipation higher, feeling myself slowly slip into my subspace, my mind clearing of everything.  Jumping from the sting of the whip I moan, I can’t help but smile knowing that just a few rooms away his favorite whip is waiting to be opened.  The whip continues to hit, my moans growing as they get harder, my mind reminding me of the cameras, as panic raised inside me at the thought of people watching, it was quickly muted as the rest of me craved it, craved knowing what they would do with me, and what they were thinking about watching me.  His whip hitting again hard moaning, I almost fall forward again, the collar holding me in place.  Moaning, his hand strokes up my back, the leather covering it making me moan, my legs going weak my breathing getting faster as the leather strokes across my skin.  One of his hands grasping the lead again, his other hand slowly stroking down my back, his fingers rubbing around my wet opening, slowly teasing the feel of the leather making me moan.  His fingers slowly sliding in playfully rubbing inside before pulling out, his hand smacking down on my ass making me scream, as it again rubs down in between my legs.  His fingers slowly sliding inside me. Playfully rubbing around and pulling back out, my body getting ready for his spank, the leather making contact with my ass making me jump and scream.  His hand once again sliding down in between my legs, his fingers moving inside me again, slowly playing before removing my body getting ready for the spank.  My head pulls back, a scream escaping my mouth as his hand grips my plait and pulls it hard his hand letting go of the lead.  The leather hitting across my ass making me scream leaning forward, his hand still tight in my hair making me pull it myself moaning from the pleasure my body begins to shake.  His hand slowly stroking back down my ass his fingers slowly sliding inside my pussy, instead of playing gentle this time they are moving fast and hard, my moans getting louder as his fingers push in and out of me at a fast speed, my body slowly leaning forward, his hand gripping my hair higher, so I can’t.  His hand removing quickly the wetness on the glove hitting across my ass, screaming I move forward, my hair been pulled harder I swear I would be on the floor if he didn’t have such a tight grip on it.

“You’re not allowed to cum Kitten, I don’t want you to, so make sure you stop yourself, don’t make Daddy unhappy” His words making me smile, Daddy is new, he has never referred to himself as Daddy before, yet the word makes me wet and want more.  The coldness of the toy sliding into my pussy making me moan, his hand moving it slowly in and out moaning I lean forward, moaning.  The toy moving faster and harder, my mind wanting me to move, fighting off the orgasm, I feel myself close to the edge, ready to go when he give the word.  The toy stops, the sound of it been placed down telling me that he has finished with it, his hands untying the rope my hands and legs free, he begins to guide me across the room, standing me in front of a pole, his hands now pulling mine around my back around the pole, the rope once again tying around them.  The leather gloves slowly stroking down my body, his fingers twisting my nipples playfully, his hand slapping down across one hard making me moan.  His hand begins slowly stroking across to the other breast, his fingers again twisting my nipple before slapping down hard on it.  Moaning my chest pushes up wanting more, both his hands grasping my breasts, his fingers tugging hard on the nipples, moaning my chest pushing up further wanting more.  His hands remove together and slap down hard across both breasts my screams loud as the moisture between my legs begins to drop.  He moved fast, his mouth sucking on one of my nipples, his teeth biting down, moving back away, the clamp squeezes my nipple, the feel of it getting tighter and tighter.  His mouth teasing the other nipple, biting even harder, screaming I push my chest up, my breast trying to push further into his mouth.  Moving back he places the clamp on the nipple, the gentle vibrations starting, moaning I nearly fall over the edge, trying to remind myself not to cum and not to displease him.  His small chuckle telling me he noticed, my lips pouting as I sulk, realisation hitting me, what have I just done, I seriously just sulked and pouted during this?  I am done for, his chuckle getting louder.

“Is Kitten really pouting at Daddy right now, right this second you want to be naughty?” His voice loud but not shouting, my lips straightening, his hand grasping my neck, hard, his finger pulling on the nipple clamp, screaming through the pain I struggle against his grip, trying to escape yet at the same time I love it and don’t want to, my head moving trying to escape his hand.  His laugh getting louder.

“Has Kitten forgotten, if you struggle you only make Daddy grip your pretty throat tighter, okay kitten?” His hand clamping down harder, moaning I give up resisting, this isn’t the time for me to try seizing control, my body growing weak under his touch, my moans getting louder as his fingers pull the clamp harder.

“Did you hear me Kitten? You didn’t reply” Trying to nod, I realise I can’t, do I say Sir? Or do I now say Daddy?

“I understand Daddy” My words quiet, his chuckle starting again, wow that feels so different saying Daddy instead of Sir.

“I didn’t expect Kitten to give up so easily, but you did right, now isn’t the time to play games Kitten” His lips pressing against mine, his grip loosening, I can feel a pout forming on my lips again, I didn’t want him to let go but I won’t pout not a chance.  The coldness of the metal pushing against my skin, the toy sliding across my body small shocks of electricity shooting through me as it does, the toy sliding down to my naval, moaning as he keeps going.  Resting the toy on my clit the small shocks of electricity making me scream, my orgasm on edge, my mind pushing it back, the more I hide it the stronger it gets.  His fingers moving playing inside my honeypot, slowly rubbing as my moans begin to get louder, the short shocks of electricity pulsating through my clit.  Moaning I can feel myself on edge, the same feeling as always but this time different, fighting off the feeling, my legs begin to get weak.  His fingers rubbing against my g-spot the toy pressing against my clit, I don’t want to beg but I feel I need to, I can’t hold back much longer.

“Please Daddy” My words quiet, his fingers moving faster my screams getting louder.

“Please Daddy, please” My teeth biting down on my lip, moaning I can’t stop myself.

“Please what Kitten?” His voice soft against my ear, his tone amused and turned on at me begging.

“Please let me finish Daddy, please” Begging I hope he agrees, he begins to chuckle louder, his fingers moving faster, the electric shocks getting more intense.

“I want to make you squirt Kitten, I want them to see my Kitten squirt” My head shaking, it is working if I relax I am gone and finished.

“If I say no, what will happen Kitten?” What will happen? I will say peach, I will end it all because there is no way I continue, no way I can go through more and hold off the orgasm.

“I will say the safe word Daddy, I can’t take anymore” My words slow, quiet as he continues to tease, my eyes closed tight as I try to fight it off.

“Hmm, Okay Kitten you have my permission” His fingers moving faster, my body instantly relaxing at his words, relaxing, I wait for the orgasm to take over, his fingers moving quicker, the toy on my clit rubbing harder, yet nothing I am stuck on the edge, why can’t I go over?  His fingers working faster, my mind going crazy for release, yet my body now won’t allow me.  Moaning against his touch I feel the tears escape my eyes, I am going to have to stop him, I don’t want to, but I am going to have to soon. Usually he says okay and I relax, and almost instantly I am pushed over the edge, right now though I am relaxed and nothing, I am stuck there.

“Well” His voice soft against my ear, he is waiting for me to finish and it isn’t happening.

“I can’t, my body won’t let me” His fingers slowed down, moving slowly the electric shocks getting less intense, my body able to breath again, yet I am still on edge, moaning against him, his fingers go slow and gentle, after a few minutes he starts to speed up.  His fingers moving faster and harder, my screams getting louder, it is useless, why I can’t I finish, why won’t my body allow me to?

“Do you trust me Kitten and allow me to make a decision which you will like but would say no to?” Nodding I agree, right now I would agree to anything if it helps.

“I do Sir, I will let you do what it takes” My voice quiet, his lips against my ears.

“Okay, I will be right back” His fingers removing the toy moving away from my body.  The sound of the door opening alerting me he had left the room, standing here in silence, my body relaxes more the thought of people still watching me keeping me on edge, where has he gone? The sound of the door opening making me smile, finally he is back, he is quiet.  His hands untying mine, leading me away from the pole, my hands stretched above my head, tying them up high so I can’t move.  His fingers once again playing inside my pussy, moaning against his touch his hand pushed the toy against my clit, the shocks making me cry the orgasm just getting worse yet never ending.  I want to scream, his hands still teasing me, something pulls against the lead, the collar pulling against my neck moaning my body relaxing more, screams escaping my lips as the whip hits across my ass, wait, no he hasn’t has he?  My mind trying to figure everything out, how is this possible?  The whip hitting against my ass again, my body moving forward Jacksons fingers working faster my screams getting louder.

Marcus? Has he really gone and got Marcus? The whip hitting again, screaming I can’t even think about it right now, moaning against Jackson touch, the whip hits again, still stuck on edge.

“Finish Kitten, Cum for your Daddy” Jackson growl getting louder as his fingers move faster and harder.  The lead pulling hard, as the whip hits across my ass, moaning I am ready to give up, this isn’t happening, Jacksons mouth beginning to kiss my body. Slowly his teeth biting down at the same time as his fingers push against my g-spot.  The lead yanking back, going to scream the whip hits hard across my ass, the pain unbelievable.

“Cum Kitten, now” Marcus’s voice pushing me over the edge, my screams getting loud as my whole body begins shaking, the liquid pouring between my legs as orgasm, squirting as Jackson wanted.  Jacksons fingers slowing down, the toy now moved away from my clit, Marcus letting go of the lead, it is falling and hitting my back.  The sound of the door opening and shutting telling me he had left, my mind going crazy Jacksons fingers removing from me, his lips pressing against mine, I can’t smile, I can’t feel happy. Did I really need Marcus here to finish? Or was it the fact I needed more, and Jackson can’t do it all at the same time?  Jacksons hands untying mine, my arms dropping down, as he removes the blindfold, his eyes looking straight into mine, I feel awful, I feel like I have hurt him in the worse possible way ever.  His hands wrapping around me carrying me to the bed, laying me down he sits next to me, his hand stroking across my body.

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