Punishment (Erotica)

Clothes dropping to the floor.

“Your my little fucking maniac” His words a perfect curse

A curse that makes me shudder and smile

His hands gripping mine, pulling them above my head

Moans escaping my lips as I laugh in response.

His eyes looking at me like I am crazy.

His lips pressing against my neck

My breathing fast as I moan from the pleasure.

“You will be sorry you disobeyed me” His growl sexy, sending shivers through me

Laughing my head falls forward, a sly smile on my face forming.

“Do your worse Sir” I laugh knowing the punishment is coming.

His eyes glisten with interest, his cock hardening beneath his trousers.

His hands spinning me around, my body bending over the table.

Watching as he walks past, grasping a whip he walks towards me.

The leather whip, gliding across the floor seductively.

Moaning as I watch, he reaches the table, his hands grasping mine.

The restraints locking on, the wrists no longer free.

My body longing for him to punish me

My mind teased by his movements

One by one the whip swings down

The sting across my ass making me feel proud

A smile on my lips as he finishes the whip dropping to the floor

Standing me up, he faces me, his lips pressing against mine.

“Now what have you learnt pet?” His voice seductive

Smiling my wicked smile, my inner brat becomes free

“Next time, do it sooner so I get my punishment quicker”

My body bending forward, my ass pushing back showing him

His smile fading as he shakes his head.

“You really are my fucking brat” He growls as his hands grasp me.

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