Viruses within my mind

The happy memories fading black is where it begins and you can never go back

No reminders of the good times, just the hate and hurt that once has being.

The past the biggest culprit in this virus taking hold and destroying the happiness

Fighting with everything the mind doesn’t rest

It tries to push the bad memories to the back

A clown sitting laughing at the attempt to save me watching closely all eyes on us

We can’t stop, we try to fight the virus off

The virus that only wants the darkness to last

The happy memories no longer exists, the bad memories taking their place.

My mind trying to fight off the virus that is consuming my mind now and so consumed with pulling me down

Slowly and surely piece by piece, my brain starts to fade and no longer hold memories

Just a field of darkness left within my mind the clown still watching chuckling loud

The virus has no cure, there is no way to stop the darkness that spreads within

No happy memories, no smiling face, no jokes or laughing can fight this disease that is within

We can fool ourselves into thinking we have won, that we are winning and standing strong

Behind the scenes, another piece of the mind falls out of place and darkness replaces

A small part stays, trying to fight the virus, but sometimes that part is just not strong enough

The mind gives in, it tells us there is no other options, but to reach for that suicide in a bottle

Life slipping away, the mind finally feeling free that small part that once fought for me

Now starts to see, in the last moments of life, I see a hope I never saw before

Making me want to fight and beat this virus, my mind building its strength from my body and soul within

Yet even after recovering from the virus I am never really free

The virus will never leave me it still stands there waiting to take me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinx says:

    Amazing theme, tone, plot and imagery


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