Standing proud

Walls built high mind finally free, no one able to get to me

Just one person that’s all it took, just that one person and those walls shook

Standing and watching I tried to fight it off, my hands holding up the walls leaning in.

The pressure is too much, I can’t hold them no more, yet I don’t want to let them go

Fighting as much as I can, the wall slowly changes, the brick wall is no longer bricks

Once unable to see through, now I see everything, the person on the other side.

Their hands pushing against my wall, now made of glass, trying to break me

My mind holding strong, fighting with every last nerve yet you’re too strong

My hands give in, my arms are tired, the glass falls and shatters all around

Body being pushed down to the ground, my heart stopping at the sound

Looking around at the shards of glass, I see the cuts they made against my skin

The cuts that will soon become the scars a  permanent reminder that I was pushed down

Sitting up, I look around this is not the time I stay down

Struggling to my feet I face my hater, my hands held out in front of me a signal don’t move closer

My body is pushed once again, tumbling to the ground, this time not by the hater

My mind telling me, it is safer on the ground, give up now and don’t try take a stand

Pushing myself up, I scream out loud, today is not the day you will keep me down.

Pushing away the mind, the diseased part that tells me to just lie down

Take what is thrown at me, don’t fight back I am too weal just lie down

I push my walls up, looking around, once again confined to my own grounds

Now free from the haters, the world and my mind, I look at my body

I look at my mind, the scars there bright, to show that I fell down

But here I am standing proud.

My mind maybe weak but I will stand my ground.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sidharth says:

    The emotions & thoughts were so well articulated, thanks for sharing such an incredible post! ☺️


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