I need to raise these walls up

Right now I am the only one in the town

The walls blocking out all the crowds

Who do I turn to when tears wash away the colours?

I hate what it takes, the effort and time to make them see who I am.

The street is a reminder, a reminder of the past

A past that is strong, and can’t be escaped from

Crying tears that wash away the colours

I look around my walls still strong, no one here to turn to

I need to raise the walls up, to let someone in

It’s not safe anymore even with the warning.

To many stand waiting to get through the walls

To slip in when I fall when I break when I can’t take no more

Lurking in the shadows to watch the misery I feel

The hands gently stroking, imitating caring

The nails digging up, mocking laughter all around

The walls slam back down, there is no escaping for me

If the walls rise up, the haters get in

Their nails digging deep, the laughter tormenting me

My only escape is the walls I built protecting me

So when the crying starts and tears wash away colours

Who do I turn to?


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