Why facebook is failing and quick MARK!

So many people are running and fast from facebook, using Instagram, twitter or Lyfe as their main platform.  Why is it, what are facebook sorry what is Mark Zuckerberg letting happen that is just down right fucked up and crazy?


Well, I can tell you exactly because I myself have witnessed it, and had it happen to me multiple times, and I have to say I am shocked and slowly I am beginning to not want to use facebook anymore!

So we all see if right, those nasty images/videos of a dog been beaten, a child thrown around, you report and what do they do? Well that video has around 20k shares and 1000k views so we will censor it and tell people to be cautious before clicking.  They tell us that it doesn’t violate the community standards.

Then you post something yourself and within five minutes you have a three day ban, I did!  Guess what I got banned for a MEME! A flipping Meme MARK! While you let beaten dogs stay on facebook what the hell are your workers doing? Are they really that sick and sadistic that they find beaten animals fine but a BDSM meme so fucking rude?

Sorry I am swearing because MARK clearly is implying, rapists, murders, paedophiles, animal abusers and god knows what else, because no sane person would say a child thrown around the room and kicked is okay and doesn’t go against community standards!


I got a three day ban for that, three days Mark now I hope somehow you come across this and look through those bloody reports and see just what your staff are leaving on facebook and removing!

Because if a woman wearing a gag is worse then a dog been beaten to death, a child been raped, or a video of a man with his hand half off is worse, and you agree and let this continue, you should not own a social website especially one with children.

So ask yourself this Mark, and any of his workers who are the ones that check these reports that are challenged, are you really happy to let the world know you support raising awareness of such disturbing things like animal abuse but are afraid of a meme about BDSM?



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  1. Amanda says:

    I think it’s SO important for abuse – not just of people and “pet” animals, but of ALL living beings – to not be censored and to circulate so people can see what’s going on and speak up and take action. This includes sharing photos.

    If we never see or hear about it, how do we know it’s happening?


    1. I agree, but then why permanently delete something that is not abuse like the meme? and give the person a ban for 3 days with the ability to do nothing but message?


      1. Amanda says:

        I have no justification for that, it’s usually the butthurt folks on the far left or far right who get that stuff to happen. I really don’t even see how it’s fair, but then again, whoever owns and runs the site has ultimate say on what is published on it, not the people who use the site.


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