The sting of a whip

Guided to my heaven, I bow down to my knees

Eyes closed waiting to please

Your hands wrap the blindfold around

As your lips kiss my neck

Helping me stand, you lift up my arms

The shackles ringing loud

As you tie me and I am bound

Your steps so quiet yet I hear them

The movement sending shivers through me

The sound of air around the whip

As your hand swings it to hit

The sting so perfect so nice

The mark it leaves so pretty and proud

The screams escape as the whip hits again

My tears flowing from the pain

The pain I love that drives me wild

His tongue teasing my neck

As your finger slides within my sex

Standing back I hear the whip

The swing so hard I arch my back

My scream so loud yet it is a scream a pleasure

Your finger begins to tease my sex

Moving so fast I can’t hold back

Fireworks ignite as I feel so light

The orgasm making me feel like I can fly.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. S.R. Taylor says:

    Very nice, quite the mental image. Love the mixture of pain and pleasure to create ecstasy


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