The real me

Hidden beneath a mask

A fake smile upon my face

Your all looking at me

Like I am amazing

I hide who I am

Because people can’t handle the truth

Yet inside I am dying

To show the truth

For years I sat quietly

So quiet and petite

My mouth holding my tongue

Trying to keep the real me inside

I admit all those years I felt down

All those years I wore a frown

The smile masked my frown

Making people think I was happy

Then one day I woke up

A lightbulb moment I don’t care

I shall wear what I want and with pride

I shall post what I want and with pride

If your offended your not for me

You are not a friend nor family

My Facebook reflects one that is a bitch

One that is sarcastic yet happy

One that does not bully

Yet speaks her mind

Feels free to post  what she feels at the time

No more hiding behind a mask

A mask of goodness a mask of facts

A mask of misery and hate

A mask that shows the fake me you want

I am now unmasked

While some laugh and high five me

Some sit there and report me

I am free from the weight of being perfect

Free from being the person you say I should be

I am me, I am the bitch yet I don’t care what you think.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! This is remarkable! I find it truly inspiring and brave, there’s truth in every word, there is emotion and sincerity. I also like your style of writing. What a good read! I am Ragazza, I hope you could also follow my blog page, maybe you will be inspired as well. Cheers! 🙂


    1. Thank you, to many people hide behind a mask because society does not like who they are and it really needs to stop.


      1. Yes. That’s true. Some people live in a lie to fit in. 😦


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