My subspace

Hands up high, unable to move down

Your hands slip the blindfold down.

Heart racing quick at the sense of freedom

As you put the earbuds inside so I can not hear you

Mind totally free, free from the pain

Mind totally free, free from the game

The life is a game a wicked one at that

One that is destined to destroy what we have at last

The silence is amazing, my heart is beating fast

Wondering when you will touch me because I don’t think I can last

Your fingers gently touch my neck

I jump from the feel expected yet a shock

Your lips kiss my neck slowly and gently.

Moving down my body teasing every inch of me

Reaching my breasts you gently bite

Your teeth tug gently on the ends

My screams get loud, but I don’t care

I can’t hear them, only the sound in my head

The freedom is unique it is like no other

It is like my soul has drifted off and I am left here

Total freedom from the world

As you play with me as your toy

My mind screaming from the joy

Your making me your toy

I want to find pleasure and you are it

Here I am bound and blinded for you to take me however.

My subspace is like nothing I have experienced

It is like freedom, excitement, love and pleasure

Yet all four mixed together, together to make a perfect cocktail

The cocktail is my subspace my forever.


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