Wicked Mouth

Falling to my knees, I am at your feet

While I may kneel before you, I am never below you

While you own me, I am still free

While you choose the ultimate direction

I choose a list of options for you to choose from

On my knees and waiting, The tension building

Blindfold over the eyes. Blinded and out of sight

My ears working over time. Hearing every little movement

Each little step you make. Each breath you take

Your hand touches my body. Sending me wild

The anticipation building, as you play with my mind

One second touching, the next your disappearing

My body craving your touch, my body craving your teases.

The chains wrapping around, holding me down

My tongue wicked and on fire

Exploring my body like a battle ground

Senses overloud, exploding loud

Pulling against the chains, they dig in

Moaning out loud, as your tongue devours me

Your ultimate goal to have be begging

My ultimate goal to please you without begging

Your chains getting tighter your tongue becoming more wild

Hands touching my body teasing me perfectly

Ice cold liquid dripping on me, the sensation overtaking

Your wicked mouth kisses

While I break into pieces.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Franny says:

    I liked this a lot – great read, thanks for sharing


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