Fixated with pain

The ropes pull tighter holding me in place.

My mind whirling watching for the pain

Your grimace so perfect adding to the taste

My body begging for the pain

The needle piercing the skin

Blood dripping from within

Tongue lapping it up

Sensation overload from above

Your hand grasps my throat

Fighting for breath but I don’t want to breath

Your belt hitting, cutting yet I don’t care

The perfect sting across the ass is what I need to get me there

I am fixated with the pain you can give me

The scissors slice, so smoothly and gently

Blood spilling free Yet I am pain free

I like the taste of your pain

Fixated on the outcome not knowing if it will be today

My heart racing as I fight for breath

The pain from your torment making me moan

The pleasure rising up as I let myself be hurt

The ultimate submission as I watch you play

My body your playground and temple

A experiment for you to hurt and deliver me with pain

Yet that pain to me is pleasure

Your eyes opening wide as I moan

The pleasure rising as you deliver the pain.


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