Escaping Me

Trembling feet

Beating heart

Clammy palms

A world torn apart


Tiny tears

Black and white

Forgotten souls

Dead of the night


Dark mist

Looming in

Trembling feet

Running free


Crashing down

Knees bleeding

Agonising and wounded

Running far


Loud fierce bellow

Crawling across the floor

Escaping from you

So close to the door


Ghosts following

Taunting me

Cowering in a corner

I see you


Eyes closed praying

Your face there knowing

I have no escape from you

A mind so powerful


It tortures me daily

I run and run but it follows me

There is no escape for me.

No escape I can see.


All I can do is pray

That one day you will leave me be

One day I will be me

One day you will see


Life is not always roses

They are wilted

Dying just to escape

Roses don’t exist.


A smile is not longer a smile

A smile does not signify happiness

A smile signifies strength

The strength they have to smile

While all they want to do is



One Comment Add yours

  1. Sadah says:

    Nicely penned.


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